Monday, May 12, 2008

Feathered Friend

Ryan and I went up to the local coffee shop on Sunday before the baseball game to check some stuff on the internet, get some breakfast, etc. On the way in we say a gentleman and his feathered friend coming up to the outdoor patio. Once Ry and I got our stuff from the counter I made sure to get the seats by the window (so that I could observe the duo). I took a photo of it, cause I thought the friendship was so fun. The guy was eating a cinnamon roll, and at times would take a small bite, stick it out on his tongue and the parrot ATE IT FROM HIS MOUTH!! It was so fun to watch (while Ryan was sketching some ideas for t-shirt designs he has been asked to make, I was amusing myself by watching the couple).

Who said dogs are men's best friend?

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