Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am sorry that I have been lacking on my posts. I do have a good excuse, I had no computer. Yesterday after lunch I was just about fed up with my computer (how many pop-ups I had, how slow it was running, etc) so I went in to Jonna's office and told her that I know there are plenty of computers around the office not being used and I am sick of having to use a craptastic one and wanted to switch to another one. I then I had to have our IT guy (who is also our CFO, I know, I know, what a combo, right) come try and work on it for 2+ hours. He finally decided the computer was dead and that I could get a new one (well not new, but new to me). He then tried loading the programs that I needed on there and it was taking another 2+ hours. This morning when I came in it still wasn't working and I was fed up (again). I told him all I needed was Timberline (which is the program I run my payroll off of) and I needed to be on a computer or people wouldn't get paid. He finally let me use his computer while he was working on mine. Another 2.5 hours later I finally am able to use the computer in my office.

Golly, I hate technology!

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