Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I went to the dentist this morning (my 6 month check up). Everything went well (other than my appointment was at 7:30, I got there by about 7:20 and had to wait till about 7:50 to be seen, and yes I was the only patient there, grrrr). I have no cavities and pearly whites (no need for bleaching they said). They loved my teeth, hehe. The dentist office that I go to is now requiring that all of their patients have an oral cancer screening, so I said I would do it this morning. You have to rinse your mouth with this rinse for about 30 seconds, and it tastes like VINEGAR, yuck! Then they have this little florescent light that they move around your mouth to see if anything changes from pink to white. If there are white splotches then they have to add some other solution and see if it changes blue. If it changes blue then they send you for a biopsy. Thank goodness mine was all pink :) I passed with flying colors, even with all the Diet Mountain Dew I drink.

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