Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Run For The Planet

Hopefully you know I LOVE Mother Nature! If I could, I'd be outside 24/7 (as long as it isn't too cold, rainy, uncomfortable... HA!). On the flip side, I HATE when people don't care for Mother Nature as they should. When I saw Dirtbag Runners teaming up with Tuesdays for Trash for the second annual Run For The Planet, you know I had to help spread the word!

Like the graphic references, this is a worldwide trash clean-up and virtual run... WITH PRIZES! {I know, I know, like the majority of you, I am "over" virtual runs, but until we can make IRL happen safely again, this is what we will have to do.}

On Tuesday, March 16th, participants around the world will be joining together for a run/ walk/ stroll/ hike with the intention to pick up trash seen along their chosen route -- whether it be around their neighborhood, a trail or city streets.

On our recent trip to Joshua Tree I was being a "Stewie" (what a friend calls a "trail steward") and picked
up a ton of trash when we were less than 20 yards from a dumpster... Good thing I had my mask on or
you might have seen my "whoever left this trash laying around in nature SUCKS" face in full effect ;)

All proceeds from online registration donations will go to The Greenbelt Movement, an environmental organization that empowers communities, particularly women, to conserve the environment and improve livelihoods. Every registrant who donates at least $1 and officially registers {using THIS LINK} will also be entered into a raffle for prizes!

Note on weather (since some of you don't live in sunny SoCal ;)) - This event will happen rain, snow or shine. Even picking up a few pieces of trash make a difference. Imagine if everyone picked up three things... It can make an impact!

Another tip/ request - if the trash container you want to use is full, please take said 
garbage with you! Wildlife WILL get into the dumpsters/ bags. #PackInPackOut

Register today, donate what you can, mark your calendar, then, on March 16th, head out with a bag (or some sort of receptacle to put the trash in), gloves (or some sort of grabber so you are staying safe and healthy) and mask (or tackle a route where you can give others at least 6 feet of space) to help leave this place better than we found it!

FYI - This is NOT the type of glove I am talking about... but it is a glove I
found discarded on a dog walk in Joshua Tree that I picked up and threw out.

Will you join me in two weeks?!

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