Tuesday, March 23, 2021

MPOWERD Solar Lights [Review & Giveaway]

The hubby and I have loved MPOWERD for many moons (I just looked and I first did a review for them back in August of 2017!). When we started adventuring more regularly, we knew we wanted solar options and came across MPOWERED.

Just in case you haven't been around my corner of the InterWebs for that long or need a refresher, let me give you some deets on this AWESOME brand. They create sustainable, well crafted, functional, thoughtfully designed products that suit the needs of the many. No matter how or where people live, MPOWERD believes everyone deserves access to reliable, and affordable energy. Through their partners they distribute clean energy options that provide a more economical and environmentally friendly approach to everyday tasks. I mean, society wins, the environment wins, EVERYONE WINS!


Like I mentioned, the hubby and I have been using MPOWERD lanterns for the last 3.5+ years and have loved them, so when I was watching a Miranda In The Wild video (if you don't subscribe to the REI YouTube channel, you should) and saw one of their newer products I was STOKED! I knew we "needed" them so reached out to the brand immediately!


Lucky for me (and for you... but you will have to keep reading as to why this is lucky FOR YOU), the FANTASTIC folks over at MPOWERD offered to send us their solar string lights to review for them. Um... AMAZEBALLS! #HeckToTheYes


With that said, we already had a camping trip to Bishop on the books, so figured it'd be the perfect place to demo the new lights! We were planning on staying at a BLM campground and thought the string lights would be a great addition to our set-up (we were pumped to have the option of using them either outside at the site or inside the AdventureMobile).

Bishop or Bust (with a little pit stop to play in the snow for a bit). 
PS Can you see Walt's ear in this picture?! The wind was whipping!

As I suspected, I was right... THE LIGHTS ARE AWESOME! We actually got the colored solar string because we have one of the colored lanterns and it's the hubby's fave (you can still selected to have the traditional white light option, but you can also choose from blue, violet, turquoise, green and pink). They are super easy to hang and can last up to 15 hours on a single charge (which you can charge via the sun or USB). Not only do they give off an awesome, fun glow (10 "nodes" on the 18 feet of cord), but it also has mobile charging capabilities so you can charge other items from it!

This is two strands (one around the upper portion of the pop-up and one around the door).
We couldn't decide which color option(s) we liked better... What is your preference?!

Remember a few paragraphs ago where I said it was YOUR lucky day?! Well, seeing as MPOWERD is AMAZEBALLS and all, they sent me some extra goodies to pass on to one of you! FRICK YEAH! Up for grabs is a Luci Core (utility solar light with a adjustable silicone arm - #RealTalk: when I opened the package the hubby wanted to call dibs on this one, but I told him it was for the giveaway and his face instantly dropped... it's that cool!) and a Luci Outdoor 2.0 (outdoor inflatable light - like I mentioned, the hubby and I have four of the inflatable lanterns and L-O-V-E them! We normally put them on the dashboard while we are driving to our adventure so they are charged and ready to go by the time we arrive).

The ones ON the table are ours... Hands off ;) The ones I'm holding are the ones you win!

The giveaway is currently happening over on my Instagram account. You can click the link HERE or just find the image below to enter. [Nitty gritty details: You will have to like the image, follow me and MPOWERD on IG, then tag a friend (each additional tag, as a separate comment, is an extra entry, so go tag crazy ;)). YOU CAN ALSO "EARN" AN EXTRA ENTRY BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST AND MENTIONING IT ON THE IG POST. US shipping address only. The giveaway run through Thursday, March 25th at 11:59pm PST. One random winner will be picked on Friday, March 26th and will have 24 hours to claim their prize by responding to my IG DM.] GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!

Every time I would walk away from our campsite I'd come back and rave to the
hubby about how awesome the lights look! I can't wait to go somewhere for
longer than a night or two and really get our campsite set up super sweet!

Even if you aren't the lucky winner, I still hope you follow, check out and support MPOWERD. Not only do they have some pretty fan-freakin'-tastic products, but I love that they give back. I cannot sing their praise enough. [And, no, I am NOT getting paid for this post, the hubby and I truly just love their stuff and will scream our support from a well-lit mountain top!]

The second night we moved them inside because it was too windy to have a fire and hence too cold
to sit outside once the sun went down. A perfect way to light the inside of the AdventureMobile!

PS They are currently having a 40% off spring sale through March 31st (not valid on Luci Solar Bike Light Set and special bundles). That means, even if you don't win, you can still use code SPRING40 at checkout to score a MAJOR deal!

What MPOWERD product would you love to add to your camping/ hiking/ adventuring gear?

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