Monday, November 4, 2019

Q&A with Carlee

I had posted on my social media platforms a few weeks ago, asking folks if I was to do a Q&A if there were any questions they were dying to ask me and I got a plethora of questions (and quite the variety too!). I did the first post with a handful of the questions last week, but since I still had plenty more to answer the series is chugging right along. If there’s anything YOU want to know, make sure to leave the question in the comments so I can touch on it in an upcoming post.

How do you stay so positive?

Jesus. And perspective. I am wildly aware that things could always be worse. I am beyond blessed and none of it is of my own doing. I mean, literally, had I been born to different parents, in a different country, at a different time in history, etc my life could and would have been drastically different. I do my best be grateful for everything (everything may not be great, but there is something great in everything). An attitude of gratitude can truly change your life (or at least your perspective).

Do you have your tongue pierced?

This one sort of made me chuckle because I feel like you can see in my mouth in the majority of the pictures I share, hehe. I did have my tongue pierced when I was younger but had to take it out for a job and it has since closed. The angle at which it was pierced did leave a bump of scar tissue, so if you see a “lump” on my tongue it is a scar and not a piercing.

Wow, we look like babies, don't we?! This was back in 2006 or 2007!

When and why did you leave Michigan?

I moved to San Diego four days after I graduated college (which was in April of 2006) because I had a summer internship at the University of San Diego. I knew if I didn’t leave Michigan right away it'd be easy to get comfortable and never leave, so I made a break as soon as I could. I knew I could always move back, but wanted to give somewhere else a try. About a week or two after landing in SoCal I called Ryan (who was my boyfriend of three years at that time) and told him I was staying and suggested maybe he head out too. I took the summer to find a full-time job I could do after my internship was over. Let’s be real, I know we pay a HIGH sunshine tax to live in Southern California, but it is pretty hard to beat!

Why did you start running?

I started running in 2012 when a friend told me about runDisney and that you could actually run through Disneyland! The hubby had a ton of hobbies and I was looking for something to call my own. She knew how much I loved Disney and I figured even if I hated running, at least I'd be doing it at the Happiest Place on Earth. I started training for the Disneyland Half Marathon around the beginning of the year (starting with walking a mile or so on my lunch break at work, then transitioning to using the elliptical in the office gym for about 45 minutes a couple times a week and eventually moved outside and started running). I guess you could say I didn't hate it because I haven't stopped running since ;)

After finishing the 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon.

When did you get Walt?

We rescued Walt in April of 2013. It crazy to think it's been six and a half years already. We got him from New Beginnings for Animals - a rescue organization that goes into overcrowded or high kill shelters and tries to re-home the animals. When we adopted Walt the vet we took him to thought he was about 9 months only due to his teeth and size, which means he would have been born in July of 2012. The vet asked us to pick a birthday for him, so we went with the 4th of July, thinking we'd never be able to forget it... Well, let's just say year after year we are always doing something on the holiday and Walt's birthday slips by without much celebration, so apparently we should have went with July 5th ;)

He was such a pup back then! Now he's an old, distinguished gentleman ;) 

And, there you have it, a handful of your questions with my honest to goodness answers. Hopefully you found some of the information interesting. I think this might be a fun series to continue, so as long as people keep supplying the questions, I’ll keep supplying the answers. Leave a question in the comments or reach out any of the social media platforms you follow me on (I should be @CarleeMcDot on all of them) and let me know what you've been dying to know about me.

What answer did you find the most interesting?

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