Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

It's Friday - YIPEEEE SKIPEEEE! Some weeks it feels like the day will never come... and this was one of those weeks... I'm not quite sure what the dealio was, but man it felt like the week drug on and on. Thankfully the weekend is in sight, so it's time to do a little happy dance and share some of my favorite finds with some of my favorite people. Here goes!

Happy Little 5K

You all know I love running, nature and Michigan {and Bob Ross is pretty magical too}... So if you combine all of them, what do you get?! A Happy Little 5K, of course! Michigan’s first-ever Happy Little 5K “virtual race” honors celebrated American painter and TV host Bob Ross. In this virtual event, also called Run for the Trees, participants are given a 10 day window to walk, run or hike their 5K anywhere in the state’s great outdoors. The race window, April 17-26, 2020, encompasses two weekends plus Earth Day, April 22nd, and Arbor Day, April 24th. Registration opens January 1st and is capped at 1,000 participants. The entry fee is $34. All proceeds will benefit tree planting efforts at state parks. Every participant will receive a Happy Little race t-shirt, a commemorative bib number and a finisher's medal. To sign up for a reminder to register for the race, click here. (I might just have to fly back to Michigan so I can tackle this race ;))


MudLOVE Doodles and Symbols

If you have been around my corner of the InterWebs for a while, you have seen me yell my love for MudLOVE from the mountain top (legit, I wore my "adventure is calling" bracelet when I hiked the tallest peak in the lower 48 states). What you might not know is that beyond the inspirational bracelets and mugs that you already love, they also have some pretty awesome doodles and symbols that are fan-freakin'-tastic. I'm pretty sure I need the astronaut, avocado, backpack, campfire, mountains and semi-colon (and those are just the ones I "need", not even including the ones I "want" ;)).

Mesa Marathon

SAME GREAT RACE... NEW NAME! There is a new name for an old favorite race: The Sprouts Mesa Marathon. The race will continue to provide runners with the best race experience possible! Those who have already registered or are planning to register for the race, nothing will change for you! Same great course, fast elevation, and fantastic experience. Come "Earn the Bird" and complete your star {PS If you have missed any of the previous races, you can still register for the virtual races for the absent star points}! 2020 will be the fifth and final year of the 5C's of Arizona! If you haven't registered yet, make sure to do so AND use code "WERUNSOCIAL10" to save on either the half or full marathons!


Atomic Child Socks

I'm sure I've share about some of Atomic Child's products in the past because I love just about all of them (like the peace tote bag, public lands patch, mountain tops pin and unicorn patch), but he just released some socks earlier this week and I'm loving them. I think they'd be the perfect camping/ hiking socks. Maybe Santa will put a pair or three in my stocking.

Guinness World Record Attempt

A couple years ago the Los Angeles Marathon teamed up with Guinness World Records and suggested runners try and attempt to set a world record. There are tons of "fastest marathon as a _______" records you could tackle. I submitted my plan, to run the fastest marathon as a lifeguard, but they turned me down because I was planning to use a sparkle skirt instead of bathing suit trunks. Well, since I'm already registered for the LA Marathon for 2020 and they sent out an email about the campaign happening again, I figured I'd submit a couple ideas and hope they'll accept one of them (and then hope I can run fast enough to nab the record). Only time will tell, but I'm excited about the concept and to see if I can do it.

What are you loving lately?

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You're awesome, Carlee! From all of us at MudLOVE, we feel the love!