Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favorites

Originally we were planning on heading out of town today for another camping adventure, but the weather looks less than stellar for tent camping (the icon for today, tomorrow and Sunday is the cloud with the lightning bolt where we would be heading), so it seems like we may be hanging local - which is okay with me since I've been going, going, going recently. With that said, let's get this list of some of my recent finds up so I can go for my run and get in a little maxin' and relaxin'.

Rumpl National Park Blankets

I've heard great things about Rumpl blankets, but the price tag keeps me from placing an order... But now that they have National Park themed blankets I may have to bite the bullet and order one (or at least put one on my birthday list)... I think my favorites are Joshua Tree, Yosemite and Grand Canyon (a little because we've been to those parks and a little because of the designs). Each blanket in the National Parks series helps support the National Park Foundation, working to keep public lands pristine for future generations. {PS The Original Puffy and Fleece Puffy are vegan, the Down is not.}

Heartwarming Running Articles

I've come across a few happy and heartwarming articles in the running world this past week that I have to share. One is about how a runner ran a half marathon and pet TWO HUNDRED dogs in the process... not only because he loves the pups, but also because he was raising money to send foster kids to summer camp! Also, there was an article about a NINETY NINE YEAR OLD still running and leading a team named "The Old Men of the Mountain" in a 50-mile relay team! Holy guacamole - I don't even know if I will be still breathing at that age, let alone running! And we can't forget about the two badass ladies who were the final two runners to cross the finish line at the Pittsburg Marathon hand-in-hand.

Daddy-O's Creations

My dad retired last year, but that doesn't mean he is just sitting around. In fact, he has projects galore! He's on the board for the local Habitat for Humanity and a few months back started looking on Pinterest for ideas of what to do with the surplus of headboards and flooring the Restore had on hand. He found you could turn them into benches and he's been on a roll! (He then gives them back to the Restore to sell and so patrons can see the ideas and hopefully buy some of the supplies as well.) He also has been making chairs, benches and ladders out of fallen wood. He's pretty awesome - as are his creations! (PS His birthday was Wednesday so today is a perfect time to share some of his masterpieces!)

These are just some of his recent benches he's put together! Aren't they awesome?!

He surprised a friend with a deer for Christmas, made a chair for their front porch out of birch branches, put together a
bird feeder from a lamp base, stain-glass globe and glass doorknob and made a birch ladder for flower pots to hang from.

Parks Project x Nomadix Multi-Use Towels

Okay, so I know I already mentioned a National Parks themed towel in this post, but Parks Project also has these rad ones that are made from RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES that I also have to share! It’s a top of the line yoga towel, it’s your beach towel, it’s your pool towel, and it’s a pack towel when you go camping or travel. They've designed this product to be versatile without sacrificing performance, so you can own less and do more. The two Yosemite towels (one with a moon and one without) and the Joshua Tree one are my top picks! They are the perfect size (30"x72.5"), super absorbent, quick drying, slip resistant, ultra soft, durable, lightweight and pack down small (3.5"x7"). #DearSanta

Recyclable Shoes

Let me start by reminding you that I am a Brooks ambassador. With that said, the hubby works for Adidas (as a designed for their Golf division). He told me about these new running shoes that Adidas has been working on and I'm stoked! I don't know that I would actually wear them (mostly because I love my Brooks Ghost and Levitate shoes), but the idea of what they are doing - making shoes that are completely recyclable which you can return back to them when you are finished and they will grind them up and use them in future shoes - could be a MAJOR game-changer! Less limit plastic waste!

What are you loving lately?


Vanessa Junkin said...

Those national park blankets look awesome!

Terra Heck said...

I like the look and design of those National Park blankets. Your dad is quite talented.