Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Favorites

With all of the posts I have been needing to share (and by "needing" I just mean I had them on my calendar for set days; no one is forcing me to post specific things on certain dates) I wasn't sure if I'd fit in a Friday Favorites, but have no fear, it's here! I have plenty of finds to spread the word about, so grab a drink and snuggle in to check out what I'm loving lately.

Chase The Moon Challenge

I mentioned this challenge hosted by Ragnar last year and I can't believe it's already time to do it again. The challenge is "easy". Simply register for the FREE run. Then, on June 17th, run 6.7(ish) miles by the light of the silvery moon. Ragnar, along with NATHAN, will donate to the 100 Mile Club for every lap we make around the moon. (They are hoping that all of the participants will add up to 134,000 miles - which will be the equivalent of running around the moon TWENTY times. Last year we made it 11 times and they want to almost double it this year!) To make this happen, they need YOU (and 19,999 of your closest friends) to register for the event and then put in the miles. You don't have to donate or buy anything to participate (although there is an option to do either or both if you're interested) - you just have to run! Easy peasy! If we help them reach their goal, together we can present the 100 Mile Club with a stack of cold, hard cash to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent childhood inactivity and obesity in schools nationwide. It's a WIN-WIN! Register HERE.

Do Good. Be Kind.

I don't remember how I ran across this website, but I'm so glad I did. Do Good. Be Kind.® was born by way of a simple e-mail signature. It was a personal reminder that has evolved into an invitation to everyone, everywhere to proactively do good and to lift ourselves and others through kindness. They are a small company with a big heart and simple mission; They exist to make a difference. Together they believe we can shift the dialogue in classrooms, homes, and communities everywhere towards more human [kind]ness. And I'm pretty sure I need their trucker in every color and a few other items.

Yeti Trail Runners

And, while we are on the topic of trucker hats that I (or the hubby) need, I have to mention the gear I found recently from Yeti Trail Runners. (Yeti Trail Runners is a trail running group dedicated to craft beer and long days on the trail. On their off days you can find them doing trail maintenance and solutions. All of their profits from shirts, hats and events go directly back into the community to help provide a measure of comfort for homeless children and to better the trails that they use. Talk about AWESOME, right?!) Unfortunately some of their AMAZING products are sold out currently (and I don't know if they will be restocked), but that just means I've gotta keep my eyes peeled and jump on them as soon as they're released!

Left: Magic Mountain Buff / Middle Left: Yeti MTN Hat / Middle Right: Yeti Buff / Right: Run Bum Tours Hat
The far left and middle right photos are patterns of two FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC buffs that I am pretty sure I need in my life!

Instagram Changes

So this was something I originally heard about on the radio the other day and had to look more into once I got home (I only caught the tail end of the conversation, but from what I could gather it could be HUGE). In case you didn't know, Instagram has rolled out a test in Canada to hide the number of likes and views an image gets. It also is making the number of followers less pronounced on profile pages. In a world where self-esteem and worth can often be tied to the "love" you receive on social media, I think this could be BIG! (FYI: The way that it is currently set up, you are still able to see your own number of likes and who specifically liked the image if you click into the details of a post, but you are no longer shown the number of likes other people receive.) I have not heard if or when they may roll this out worldwide, but I would definitely give this update two thumbs up. (Although, truth be told, I am still waiting for Instagram to go back to CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER of everyone I am actually following, but apparently that is too much to ask...)


What are you loving lately?

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