Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Donating Shoes -- Soles4Souls

#RunHappy is more than just a mentality, it's physical too! And one way to physically run happy is to make sure to rotate your shoes and "retire" them once they've run their course (yep, pun totally intended ;)). Seeing as I'm getting ready to start my next round of marathon training (let's be real, I always seem to have a race on my calendar, but for the fall I'm adding some "serious goals"), I figured now is as good of a time as any to make the swap.

Yep, I had SEVEN pairs of running shoes that were "dead" and needed to be taken out of rotation!

A good rule of thumb is to retire your running shoes after every 300-500 miles (although this depends on your running style, body weight, and the surface you run on). You may also need new shoes more frequently if you have an uneven gait or log a lot of miles on rugged terrain. Even following this guideline, you should always pay attention to how your shoes look and feel. If they're worn out, then it's time for a new pair (some shoes wear out quicker based on their design). Also, listen to your body. Sometimes those little aches and pains can be because your shoes are starting to break down.

As a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador, I am blessed to receive quite a few pairs
of shoes. These are some of the shoes I have been rocking for the past couple
years. Yep, I am lucky enough to have so many shoes in rotation that some last a
couple years because they don't rack up miles quickly.

Did you know Brooks works with Soles4Souls when shoes are returned back to them (or if employees bring them in)?!


Soles4Souls believes everyone around the world deserves a good pair of shoes. They are a non-profit social enterprise based in Nashville, TN that helps create sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Their mission is to disrupt the cycle of poverty, one pair of gently used shoes at a time.

And they make donating your shoes SUPER simple! Simply go to their website, select the number of shoes you have to donate (either 1-12 or 13+) and they will walk you through the steps (pun totally intended ;)). In most instances, if you aren't near a drop-off location you can ship your shoe and clothing donation for free thanks to Zappos for Good! Shoot, you can even host a shoe drive to collect used shoes from your friends, family and neighbors and make a HUGE impact!


When someone doesn't have shoes, it's not just their feet that suffer. As runners, I'm sure we know that a good pair of shoes can literally change a life... and it is no less true for non-runners! Let's donate shoes to help wear out poverty!


PS You can totally donate money or go on a giving trip as well, but I thought I'd push the shoe donation a little bit because I know as runners we can tend to hoard shoes in our closets and this is an EPIC way to not only open up a little extra room in your shoe rack (for more shoes, of course), but to also do good in the process! FYI: Shoes do NOT have to be running shoes... that just happens to be the majority of the shoes in my closet, but any gently worn shoes/ boots are accepted - so go through your kids' closets, the hubby's man cave, etc and gather the footwear to make a difference!

How many pairs of shoes can your household donate?


Organic Runner Mom said...

I love the shoe donation boxes. We have them at our gym. Such a great way to get rid of old running shoes.

Kim at Running on the Fly said...

I have donated my shoes at race expos, but did not know you could send them in. That's great to know! I have probably 10 pairs of running shoes piled up. A few are in great condition, a few are on their way out, and several are taking up lots of real estate.