Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Favorites

I hope your week was AMAZEBALLS... but even if it wasn't, you should be able to celebrate a little because it's FRIDAY! And you know what Friday means... No, not chips and salsa (we had a Mexican dinner out on Wednesday thanks to some coupons we scored at the Mesa-PHX Marathon Expo last month), but something almost as good... my Friday Favorites list ;) Or at least I think it rivals chips and salsa, but I guess you can be the judge. Here we go with my current faves:

A-Frame Kits

The hubby and I have been working through different options - from updating our current condo to selling it and buying something else (#decisions and #adulting is tough!). Whatever route we eventually decide on, the hubby keeps coming back to eventually wanting to own an A-Frame house (preferably in the woods somewhere). I don't know how soon (or realistic) that dream may become a reality, but these A-Frame Pre-Fab Kits make it pretty stinkin' easy. #DearSanta


Super Bloom

Okay, okay, so I know I harp on the fact that we can't seem to dry out in "sunny" San Diego long enough before another storm rolls through, but all this SoCal rain seems to be leading to a pretty amazing super bloom! Super blooms are typically rare ecological events. Besides needing boatloads of rain, a massive wildflower bloom also requires years of drought that kill invasive European grasses and weeds, leaving less competition for California's native flowers. The hubby and I are hoping to head out into the great outdoors to see if we can find some of the amazing wildflowers in bloom soon!

Illustration by Peggy Dean, in February's Park Pulse newsletter from Parks Project

Badass Lady Gang Long Sleeve Tee

You already know I love me some Kelly Roberts, and recently she released some new Badass Lady Gang apparel that of course I'm digging! The long sleeve tee is AWESOMESAUCE and if I wasn't already in the process of trying to pare down my closet I would have placed an order a week ago when I first saw them released ;)


#RealLife #VanLife

The hubby and I did a 3-week road trip up and down the West Coast last spring (it was the only timeframe that would work, otherwise we would've tried to avoid the super soggy season we traveled to the PNW in). #VanLife has a ton of perks, but people tend to forget about the HARD parts. When I read this article I thought it hit the nail on the head! If I could, I would live in a van full time, like right now, but, the reality is, at least for us, it's rough. Of course a fancy, reliable van would probably help the situation (yep, we broke down and had to get towed I think five times in three weeks), but also making money on the road isn't super easy either. The hubby and I were lucky to both be working from home so could hit the road and technically work remote, but at the same time, we wanted to be exploring and adventuring. I'm sure if you were doing it full time (rather than just a three week vacation) it might be easier to strike a balance, but the truth of the matter is - it's not all sunshine and rainbows like the social media world may have you believe.

In the matter of a day or two we went from relaxing on the beach to getting the van towed... again...
But, FYI, I did make sure to capture the WHOLE experience on Instagram - not just the glamorous parts!

Embrace Documentary

I know I'm probably UBER LATE to the party (especially since the movie came out in 2016), but I saw Embrace on Netflix yesterday and would highly recommend it - especially to all my female friends out there. Activist-media sensation Taryn Brumfitt leads a crusade to shed negative body images and body shaming to create a new way of perceiving our bodies.

What are you loving lately?

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