Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Tomorrow is my first official 50K (even though I've run a 50-Mile race and the 50K distance in training), so I needed something to take my mind off the race... And what better than putting together a Friday Favorite list?! LET'S DO IT!

REI's Camping Project

I received an email earlier in the week from REI that talked about a new database they put together that allows you to easily find campgrounds. If you've been around these parts for a while you probably know the hubby and I enjoy adventuring, and camping is high up on that list. I have clicked around on the website and think it could be a pretty awesome resource. Not only does it show campgrounds, but you can also explore nearby activities, including find trails, rides and climbing routes using their free, community-built maps and guides. I think this will come in handy for future trips!


Bean Goods' Adoption Series

You all know we love our Walt the Wiener Dog, but I'm not sure if I've shared our love for Bean Goods on here before. This is a brand made specifically to highlight the awesomeness of dachshunds! They offer everything from jackets specifically fitted for the wiener dog body to human clothes featuring awesome dachshund themed designs. This year they're focusing on giving back and you know I LOVE promoting brands doing good in the community! One of their biggest goals is to strengthen their giving initiatives by partnering with awesome rescues who share the mission of improving the lives of both pups and humans through rescue. Each month they'll support a different dachshund rescue with a new tee! By purchasing this month's tee you'll help save doxies lives and spread awareness of the importance of rescue. 35% of all profits from their adoption series tees this month will be donated to dachshund rescue L.A..


Power to the Parks

Parks Project recently teamed up with Shepard Fairey's creative agency, Studio Number One, to create a free downloadable poster to help bring the power to our parks. National Parks are facing years of damage due to the government shutdown earlier this year. Progress is being made, but there is still a multi-billion dollar maintenance backlog that has persisted for years. Now is the time to join the movement and spread the word to help reignite the resilience and power of our parklands. Print it (preferably on recycled paper), share it, shout it; show your support for our parklands!


The Russian Five

If you know me, you know I love my Michigan sports teams and the Red Wings are no exception (even with their terrible record this year). When I saw an article on MLive about a mid-March release of a new documentary, The Russian Five, I was STOKED! The movie is the story of the five Russian players which came to Detroit to play for the Red Wings. They struggled to fit in while practicing to help lead the Red Wings to become Stanley Cup champions. Now if only it would actually come to a theater in SoCal we'd be all set... I guess we will just have to wait till it becomes available digitally.

What are you loving lately?

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Anonymous said...

We're working on getting a theater in LA. Is that close to you?