Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Momentum Jewelry's #beYOUtiful Campaign

I don't know if you remember last year around this time when I shared about Momentum Jewelry's new #beYOUtiful campaign (you can always go back and read my old post about it if you have a second), but suffice it to say I LOVED it.

The #beYOUtiful campaign is an effort to join with others in a self-love and acceptance movement to re-define beauty. Let's be real, this world could use a little extra self-love and body positivity, right?! The goal of the initiative is to promote a supportive community that inspires others to live more active and healthy lives - with each person moving towards their own best version of themselves (not some ideal as defined by our judgment passing culture).


This year, the campaign will span 12 days - October 10th through 21st - kicking off TODAY! I hope you join in by not only ordering a new #beYOUtiful-themed wrap (which are on sale for $15 during the campaign with THREE new "i am" limited-run sayings), but you spread a little extra self-love and body positivity around - both to yourself and to others!

I recently received the "i am enough" wrap and it is pure perfection! In a day and age where comparison (especially due to the constant bombarding with social media) is running rampant, reminding ourselves that being you is not only adequate and sufficient, but it is necessary is quite the act of defiance... But, #RealTalk, no one can play my role but ME!

With #beYOUtiful we...
...RECLAIM the beauty and power that is YOU. By recognizing your own gifts, beauty, and strength - letting your own unique light shine. Because it's through this that we can live up to our own potential, follow our dreams and have the greatest impact on the world and the people around us. 
...PUSH BACK against a world that compares, that passes value judgments and measures our every detail against some "ideal" standard. 
...WORK TOGETHER to create a supportive community that encourages those around us to recognize and value their own unique beauty. Helping to educate each other on what healthy is and how it can look different on different people. Working together to support and empower each other by reminding each other that every body is beautiful. 
...CELEBRATE all body types as well as all types and levels of activity. We believe progress should be measured on an individual basis - we ALL need to strive to improve ourselves (in every aspect of our lives - school or work, physical fitness and in relationships), but what it looks like will be different for each of us. 
...SHOW that when we're authentic and true to ourselves, we're beautiful, we're powerful and we're enough.

Let's share our SPARK and spread self-love like wildfire! If you want your own "i am" printable sign, download one HERE.

What would your "i am ______" sign say?

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