Sunday, September 23, 2018

Workout Recap - Week 38

Sunday, September 16th – 20.21 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, September 17th – 5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, September 18th – 6 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Wednesday, September 19th – 5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, September 20th – 2 mile warm-up, 45 tempo {6.07 miles}, 2 mile cool-down, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Friday, September 21st  Rest Day, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, September 22nd – 6 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Just over 50 miles and I'm feelin' fine! I can't believe we are almost to October, which means we are almost to our trip to Kauai and then almost to my fall goal marathon! EEKS! But I guess the good ol' saying of "time flies when you're having fun" is true! Here's to hoping these next few weeks of training (especially going into my final peak weeks) are on point! Currently I am feeling STRONG, just not necessarily fast... but hopefully that changes over the next 4ish weeks.

How were your workouts this past week?

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