Thursday, June 7, 2018


I know coveting is a sin, but man I've been dreaming about the day I'd be adding some rabbit running gear to my closet...


So when I reached out to them to ask about collaborating on a review/giveaway and they were down I did a little HUGE happy dance. As most of you know, I'm very frugal, so had never been able to justify the price tag that accompanies their products, especially since I'd be buying the gear online and wouldn't be able to test it first, but this was my chance to give it a go! {#RealTalk - I get the majority of my running gear from TJ Maxx, Marshalls or the clearance racks at Target.}

When my contact suggested she send a gift card so I could stock up on a few items I was STOKED! All their stuff is sooo purrrty! Not only do they love bright colors as much as I do, but the fit seems AMAZING! Cute and comfortable - SCORE! Once I narrowed down what my order should contain I had to wait patiently. Thankfully their shipping was SUPER fast!

Wanna know why their shipping was so fast?! Because they're a SoCal company! You know I love supporting local brands and when I found out all their products are manufactured in LA (which means everything is done ethically and in a socially responsible way) I was THRILLED! (I grew up in a family where buying "Made in the USA" products was not only important, at times it was a requirement.) They believe in domestic manufacturing and keeping jobs in the good ‘ol USA. 

It's just the rabbit way! And that's worth the extra few dollars compared to the cheaply (and sketchily) manufactured China gear!

So, I bet you're wondering what I picked... I swear, it took me forever and a day because I wanted it all! Anywho, I finally decided on four (of my billion and a half) pieces - a pair of the Lady Duke Shorts (in Black/ Iron Gate), a pair of the Catch Me If You Can Shorts (in Golden Kiwi), a Racy Tank (in Parasailing), and a Bunny Hop Tank (in Virtual Pink)

Please excuse the poor lighting... "May Gray/June Gloom" has got all of my natural light down the crapper right now.

As you know, I always have to #KeepItReal... so I've gotta shoot straight and say the tanks didn't work for me. They were a little shorter than I would've liked (but I did really like the cut of the higher neckline on the Racy Tank). With that said, I was able to connect with their Customer Service and can confirm they're super helpful and easy to work with. Since rabbit doesn't allow for direct exchanges I had to mail back the tanks and wait for the gift card reimbursement before placing my new order. The slight delay gave me time to decide what replacement pieces to get. #DecisionsDecisions

Legit, I could stock my closet with one (or seven) of EVERYTHING!

Seeing as I knew I loved the shorts, I decided to grab another pair of the Catch Me If You Can shorts (in Black) and a new hats (the Tweener Hat in Sodalite Blue/ Evening Primrose). Once the new items came I knew I made the perfect choice! 

I've been rocking the gear for a while now and I can see why everyone raves about rabbit. The gear is made by runners, for runners. It's functional, stylish and simple. As you know, I'm normally very cost conscious, so shorts for around $50 is a bit for me to swallow, but the quality and the fact they're made in California makes me willing to spend the extra money. 

Left: Lady Dukes (Black/ Iron Gate) // Center: Catch Me If You Can (Golden Kiwi) // Right: Catch Me If You Can (Black)

And what you've all been waiting for... THE DEETS ON THE GIVEAWAY! Head to my Instagram account, find the picture below and ENTER! Entering is EASY-PEASY! All you need to do is follow me, follow rabbit, like the image and tag a friend (or 73)! The giveaway will run through Sunday, June 10th. The random winner will be contacted Monday morning. 

Who can win the giveaway?! YOU CAN WIN!

PS If you use THIS LINK when shopping you'll save 10% on your first order! And since you'll want at least one of everything, do yourself a favor and save a few bucks (and then use that "saved" money to buy more! #RunnersLogic). {FYI - Discount expires on June 22, 2018. Offer is applicable to orders over $10 for full price products.}

If you had to pick an animal to describe your running, what animal would it be and why?


Unknown said...

Golden kiwi may be the best color ever!

Erica @ Erica Finds said...

These shorts are so cute on you! I have one pair and they're kind of short for me but I'd like to try them again in a different style.