Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Favorites

The hubby and I are heading to go camping at the river in a couple hours (which means I better get my booty in gear and get everything packed!), but I had to make sure to share my list of the things I am digging lately (because I know you all have been waiting with bated breath ;)). #Priorities So let's jump right on into it, alrighty dighty?!

Alex Insulated Traveler

The hubby and I helped back Alex's first bottle they released and just got a heads up about a new 16 ounce tumbler they are hoping to get funded. Did you know that over 60 billion coffee cups get tossed every year (in the USA alone)?! That's 164 Million EVERY SINGLE DAY! Alex created a 16oz insulated tumbler that's loaded with features and worthy enough to start and end your day with (from a hot coffee to an ice cold summer beer). The project is currently in the funding process on Kickstarter, so if you want to get in on the action, make sure to check it out!

Ragnar's Chase The Moon Challenge

Now I'm normally not one who participates in a ton of virtual races (probably because I'm what some may consider VERY self motivated and don't need an extra nudge to get in my miles, not to mention I donate the majority of my race medals so don't "do it for the bling"), but when I saw Ragnar's recent announcement I knew I had to sign up. First - it's FREE! Second - they're donating to an AWESOME charity. The "event" is easy. They're asking people to pledge (and then run) 6.7ish miles on July 27th. Their goal is to virtually run around the moon 5 times. To do that, they need 5,000 runners to each run 6.7 miles (which totals 33,500 miles!). July 27th will be a full moon, so what better time to "chase the moon"?! 
PS If you are into bling, they have an AMAZING medal (with a movable rocket ship) you can add to your registration.

Cozy Cone Crafts

A sweet friend of mine, Ivie, is opening her AMAZING Etsy store next week {officially on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:00am PST (Disneyland time)} and I am STOKED for her! I've been following along on all of her crafting (and secretly pining for the majority of her creations) and she is now finally ready to have her store go live! WHOOOO HOOOO! And, I mean, who doesn't need a Disney inspired cozy for their drinks?! Make sure to give the IG account a follow (@cozyconecrafts) so you can see all the awesomeness and then favorite her Etsy shop cause you know you'll be shopping there soon!


I've seen some AWESOME pins lately that I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering soon! REI just released an Outside with Pride line and I'm LOVING the enamel Outside with Pride pin! I'm thinking I need one IMMEDIATELY! Then I came across this Be Gentle With Yourself pin while on Pinterest for work and fell in love. It's so dainty feeling but the message is a strong one! And this Party Unicorn pin is pretty sweet... although I can't tell if it's a horse who is at a birthday party and his horn party hat made him a unicorn or if he was a magical unicorn to begin with ;) Now to figure out where to PIN them :)

What are you loving lately?

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