Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fall Festivities

Even though it hasn't felt very like fall (we had a heatwave last week that had us hitting triple digits for multiple days in a row), the hubby and I have still been enjoying "fall-ish" fun and I thought I'd share some pictures with you! If you follow my Instagram stories you may have seen some of them, but I figured I'd give some context/ stories behind the photos.


A couple weeks ago we went to Joshua Tree for a quick getaway. The hubby's favorite campground fills up crazy early (due to the high demand for the great rock climbing), but we found if you go during the week you can find spots without too much hassle. We went on a short trip (Sunday through Tuesday) and had a great time {despite the heat}. Not only did the hubby get in some climbing, but we did some hiking and even saw some Bighorn Sheep and a tarantula!

Some of the Joshua Tree signs and murals we saw around town

On the way into town we went to the Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum. It is pretty wild! Loved the "No Dumping" piece made of toilets! 

And of course we had to do some climbing while in JTree... The pup and I watched and waited while the hubby got his climb on.

Break time! (Walt thinks Ryan's climbing pad is a giant bed that we lug around for him to lay on...)

With temps in the high 80s we had to find all the shade we could to hike around in

Camp stove pizza for dinner - YUM!

In town there is a ton of fun art studios (I mean, the World Famous Crochet Museum?! It's a must - DUH!)

The Bighorn sheep may not look crazy cool, but apparently it is super rare to see them and we spotted a few while we were there!

Pumpkin Carving

Our Growth Group (think of it as a small group or Bible study) does a Halloween social every year and we have a pumpkin carving contest. This year I decided that instead of a pumpkin, I'd do a PINEAPPLE! I mean, not only is it super cute, but you get to eat the fruit inside (the hubby used some in his smoothies and I ate the rest fresh). I ties for first place and the hubby tied for third so we walked away from the event with $35 in Chipotle gift cards - SCORE!

Some folks thought it looked like Wilson from Castaway... I thought it looked like a happy, friendly island pineapple!

The hubby and I with our creations!

Sorry about the graininess, but it's hard to capture pictures with flickering candles inside (especially on an old iPhone).

Playing with light! I loved the way the pineapple looked. Hubby thought the shadows out of his pumpkin were uber cool!

And just in case you wanted to see the competition...
7 and 8 tied for first, 9 and 3 tied for third and 4 came in fifth.
How would YOU have voted?!


Our best friends adopted four kiddos a few years back. Before the adoption, we would go over and hand out candy at their place with them. Now we go over and trick-or-treat with the crew. (Being the "fun aunt and uncle" has all the joys of parenthood and none of the drawbacks! I don't know why more people don't opt for this lifestyle ;)) Last year Ryan went as a "ginger bread man" (he carried a loaf of bread) and I went as a soccer player (yes, I do still have my soccer jersey from High School thank you very much). This year I decided to rock my unicorn onesie that the hubby got me for Christmas last year. It was a little warm, but I loved every minute of it!

What fall activities have you done lately?


Jennifer said...

Where did you get that happy camper shirt? I want one :)

Terra Heck said...

Love the unicorn onesie. You did a great job with the pineapple. Very creative! That looks like such a fun campground to visit.