Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Walt Wednesday

I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Walt has been STOKED to work with NUTRO™ the past couple months. Not only has he been LOVING the Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dry Dog Food Venison Meal and Sweat Potato Recipe, but making sure I have content to share on a regular basis has nudged us to help him become a healthier and happier version of himself! {May Post // June Post}

He sits pretty when his yummy food comes out!
PS Don't judge us, sometimes we let him eat in 'bed' ;) 

This month I wanted to discuss their FEED CLEAN™philosophy! Because, just like athletes, Walt wants to be clean.

He may not love the bath, but we love our "otter pup"!

When Walt pounds the pavement or hits the trails, he wants to do it under his own power - well, that is unless his little legs get tired and he needs assistant from a friend. Walt suggests never being ashamed to ask for help!

Is it just me or can you tell in Walt's eyes that he is conning Ryan for a ride?! ;) 

He does his best to listen to his body and take adequate breaks to make sure he can perform at his peak fitness level.

Yup, Walt has ZERO problems poppin' a squat mid-walk

Don't forget about hydrating! Sources say a dog needs to drink about an ounce of water for every pound of weight daily, but may need more if he has exercised, the weather is warm, or he is taking medication that may dehydrate him.

And, last but not least, make sure to snap a photo or ten because it didn't happen if you don't share it on social media.

It sort of looks like Walt is actually smiling in this shot... What do you think?!

After your workouts, always stretch. It can help prevent injury, improve performance and be a great stress reliever.

I know I personally want to eat food that is real and contains recognizable ingredients, so why shouldn't we want the same for our pets?! That's why we LOVE their new food philosophy – NUTRO. FEED CLEAN™ – because it reinforces the brand’s commitment to delivering pet food that is SIMPLE, PURPOSEFUL and TRUSTWORTHY.


And in a society where so many things are fast, fake and fickle, these pillars are not only uber important, but also hard to come by. So, THANK YOU NUTRO™ for standing strong in your convictions and doing what is best for our pets! You help Walt feel happy and healthy with a complete meal; giving him the energy he needs to be active and playful.

How do you help your pet to be happy and healthy?

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Caitlin said...

I love that downward dog photo series so much. Walt is such a cutie!