Thursday, July 20, 2017

#MyMittenState Story

I've blogged about The Mitten State a couple times before. They are an AWESOME brand with a ton of Michigan gear. The hubby and I have 15+ articles of their clothing between the two of us. So, when their Social Media Manager reached out to me about working with them to spread the word about a campaign I didn't have to think twice.

Not only do I love The Mitten State, but I'm "smitten" with the mitten!
FYI: If you are interested in spreading the love with this tee, you can purchase it HERE.

You see, they have a #MyMittenState campaign (where passionate Michiganders share their love for the state through photos {whether it's a picture of their favorite vacation spot or somewhere nostalgic}) and asked me to not only spread the word, but also share MY Michigan story. Instead of boring you with a timeline of my life in the mitten state (Ida to Monroe to Temperance to Ann Arbor), I thought I'd share a few things that scream MICHIGAN to me.


If you know me, then you probably know my love for sports. And although I can get into just about any sport out there, Detroit and Michigan teams have my heart. Growing up in the Padot household there was ALWAYS some type of sports on (yep, on a slow day there might even be BOWLING). And going to the University of Michigan I'm sure you don't have to think twice about where my allegiance lies. Folks in Southern California don't seem to be as sold on sports as the Midwest, but that doesn't prevent me from breaking out a "Hail to the Victors" every now and then!

You know we had to go see the Tigers when they were in town to play the Padres (and rocked our Detroit gear)
PS They no longer sell the women's cut of this shirt, but you can get the unisex one HERE.

Every time we're back in the Mitten it's like we are hitting up a sporting event of some kind (and if our teams ever make it out this way we try our hardest to see them IRL). It's an AWESOME outing - one that's become a family tradition.

Upper Left: Pistons Game (Palace of Auburn Hills) / Upper Right: Tigers Spring Training Game (Champion Stadium) /
Lower Left: Red Wings Game (Honda Center) / Lower Right: Lions Game (Ford Field)

Lightning Bugs

This one is random, I know, but sometimes it's the little things... I haven't seen lightning bugs since leaving Michigan. To me they scream summer (as does humidity, but we're trying to remember the positives in this post ;)). Little known fact: if you wait until a lightning bug is "lit", you can scrap off his booty and rub the "fluorescent" part on yourself for some glow paint. Yes, I realize looking back, rubbing your body with bug butts is gross, but 'back in the day' it was awesome!


Faygo, Superman Ice Cream, Vernors

There are a few Michigan staples near and dear to my heart. Some of which you've probably never heard of or tried...

The first is FAYGO! It's like a delicious nectar from the gods ;) My favorite is RedPop, but the hubby swears by Rock N' Rye. It's not very common to find Faygo near us, but whenever we do it is a MAJOR SCORE!

Um... isn't this shirt PERFECT?! You can order it HERE. Now I just need the bottle opener!

And apparently the rest of the country is missing out on one of the BEST ice cream flavors around - SUPERMAN! It's hard to explain (sort of like vanilla cake and frosting), but it's DELISH and if you try it, you won't be disappointed.


Vernors is not only a great pop, it's also a form of medicine in most Michigan homes. And, no, I'm not talking about 'Grandpa's cough syrup', I legit mean many homes use the ginger ale as a cure all for many ailments ;)


The majority of Ryan and my family live in Michigan (or pretty close to it). When we head back to the mitten, it always includes tons of family time. Whether we are hanging out in Cheboygan, Temperance, Royal Oak, Monroe, Lambertville, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Carleton, or anywhere in between, you know there will be a ton of family around.

Even if it's been over 11 years since I graduated, packed up two suitcases and moved across the country, the old adage is just as true now as it was then... "You can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can't take Michigan out of the girl."

I'll rock my school pride from coast to coast!
PS You can grab this GO BLUE tee HERE (or other college gear HERE)

Have you ever been to Michigan? What screams HOME to you?

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Man I miss Superman ice cream and Vernors...we don't have it on the East Coast either :(