Friday, July 28, 2017

REVIEW: SnackNation (& Discount Code)

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by SnackNation. I had never heard of the brand before, but when someone emails and says "Can we send you some snacks?", your answer should ALWAYS be "HECK TO THE YES!"


SnackNation began as a healthy office snack delivery service, a way to make healthy snacking fun, life more productive and workplaces awesome for thousands of offices across the country. Their mission is to create a healthier, more productive and more vibrant you by connecting you with the best, most innovative natural food products on the planet.

Uh, YUP! Sign me up!


Recently they added a home delivery service and expanded to a Market where you can purchase your fave emerging natural food brands directly from them. You have the freedom to order expertly curated snack boxes (including "family favorites", "paleo-inspired", "vegan", "gluten-free", etc), build your own snack box or shop individual snacks. 

Can you tell I was excited to grab this from the mailbox?! It was a little like Christmas morning!

The hubby and I were stoked when the box arrived! I'll be honest, snacking can get the best of us at times, so having some healthy alternatives (and some new-to-us brands to check out) was AMAZING! At least 50% of the products in every box rotate month-to-month, so you will receive both favorites and brand new flavors and brands in every delivery.

I love that it's sort of set up like a little vending machine (or something you would see in an office break room). Having individual portions is just what we need (I can't be the only person who struggles with "just one serving size", right?!).

The contents of our delivery "un-boxed"

Out of all the goodies (the box we got was the "Best in Class" with 15 snacks per box), the only one I had tried before was the Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar {which happens to be my FAVORITE flavor}. Some brands or flavors are ones we've seen before (and wanted to try), while others were totally new to us. Since we are vegetarians, the chicken jerky was enjoyed by Walt the Wiener Dog (PS Were we to subscribe, we'd probably order the "Vegan" box to avoid this issue.).

The hubby and I have been working our way through the snacks and have enjoyed everything thus far! Oh yeah, and if you're looking for some snack ideas, you should check out this cool guide - 121 Delicious Healthy Snacks For Every Type of Snacker. You can put in the type of snacks you want (i.e. the amount of calories, protein, sugar, and dietary requirements) and it will generate a list of ideas for you (and not just items you can buy, but recipes you can make). 


I know, I know, I had you at snacks, right?! But it gets better! These are also snacks that give back! Your purchase helps fight hunger. SnackNation has partnered with Feeding America to help alleviate food insecurity by donating one meal for every order shipped, helping to provide hunger relief for millions of Americans. #DoGood #GiveBack


And, because I love you so, I was able to get you a DISCOUNT CODE in case you wanted to try SnackNation for yourself (whether that be your home or office). Use code "SNACKBOX20" and save 20% on your first box. AW YEAH!

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What is your favorite snack?

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