Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites

I thought I'd take this week's #FridayFavorites a different route. I am going to focus on some of my recent favorite YouTube videos/ documentaries. I am normally not a huge movie fan (I have a hard time sitting still and not wanting to multitask for the entire span of a film), but these are short and sweet. So, let's get into them!

Life In The Day

I first heard about this documentary on Kelly Roberts' podcast when she was interviewing one of the FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC runners who was featured, Devon Yanko. The hubby enjoys trail running (and has even mentioned the possibility of one day running an ultra) so I thought I'd be able to talk him into giving this film a watch.


On June 25, 2016 a collection of trail and ultra runners toed the line at the historic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run running from Squaw Valley to Auburn. Among the 350+ were 4 women vying for the win and a coveted top 10 finish which is recognized annually at this prestigious event. This is a story of their 100 mile journey of which the great Ann Trason compares to living a "life in a day".

The hubby and I both really enjoyed this one. It's about an hour long, but well worth your time! I think sometimes folks who don't run (or don't run insanely long distances) forget how not only physically taxing it can be, but also mentally exhausting! I appreciate that they shared the highs and lows on the journey!

Showing Up

I have "known" about November Project for a long while now. I've got some amazing friends who are an integral part of the movement and can't help but talk about it's awesomeness. Although the closest tribe to us is about an hour away, we were able to hit up a workout when we were in Vancouver for SeaWheeze in August.

The documentary film is only about 30 minutes long but will take you in-depth into the lives of 8 athletes who collectively tell the story of community, identity, and why it matters to be a part of something transformative. November Project, the Free Fitness Movement that started in Boston that is now taking over the world, is simply the vessel for these stories.

The hubby liked it so much he was trying to talk me into heading down to San Diego the following morning  (but at that point it was already pretty late in the evening so I couldn't "just show up"). I'm so excited there's talk of occasional North County workouts - crossing our fingers the attendance is good and we can get something up here more frequently!

I'm Glad You're Here

And while we're on the NP train, we might as well keep it going! The hubby was told about this talk by a friend (and I actually knew about it because a friend of mine was there). It is by one of the co-founders of November Project, Brogan Graham. I follow Brogan on social media, so I sort of feel like I know him (isn't social media weird like that?!), but it was awesome to hear him speak for an extended period of time... and not just on NP but on MAKING MOMENTS!

I think what I love most about this (and the November Project movement in general) is that it's all about connection! Sure, the workouts are great and you can get in a good sweat, but the camaraderie and love for one another (no matter your fitness level or walk of life) is what I think grows this crazy tribe of folks!

Have you seen anything great on YouTube lately?


Unknown said...

I'll have to check those out. I watch TED talks on you tube and that's about it.

Sommer Johansen said...

I loved Life in a Day, and if you haven't seen it you should watch A Decade On. It was also shot at Western States last year and it's SO good.