Friday, June 10, 2016

Well, THAT Struck a Nerve

And, no, I'm not talking about the blog post that Justin shared yesterday... I'm talking about a legit nerve in my arm...

Yesterday afternoon, after running my 10 miles in the morning, I went over to the local Red Cross Blood Drive. It had been 63 days since my last donation and time to let the vampires suck my blood again.

I should have known something was up when the gentleman taking my blood told me that I couldn't shouldn't donate on my left arm, but should use my right (I've always given out of my left). Well, when he poked me with the needle it was a little more painful than normal. If I had to describe it, it sort of felt like he went THROUGH my vein. Anywho, I continued with my donation and when he went to remove the needle it REALLY hurt... Like someone majorly pinched my vein/arm.

The room was extra warm compared to times I've donated there in the past and apparently a lot of folks had been passing out. They had me lay with a ice pack on the back of my neck (since I am just at the weight cut-off for being able to donate they tend to take a couple extra precautions) for a few minutes before I made my way to the snack table. My arm felt a little tight but nothing too terrible.

After I got home I obeyed the doctors orders and did no heavy lifting (just some work on the computer and puppy snuggling), but as more time went on my arm was feeling tighter and tighter. I did some Googling and it appears as though what may have happened was that they hit/ nicked a nerve with the needle.

I am definitely glad today is a rest day. Since last night I have not been able to really straighten my arm (it feels like the tendon in my arm is super tight and is pulling when I go to straighten it and if I go "too far" I get a shot of excruciating pain in my forearm) or put weight on it (i.e. wasn't able to foam roll). And because they poked me on my right arm I feel like I am maimed since I am now forced to do most activities with my left hand instead (try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand and see how funky you feel)... I am trying to keep my arm bent and close to my body (it's sort of like I am wearing an invisible sling) as to not aggravate it more.

It seems as though the only treatment is to put ice or heat on it (I've also seen people mentioning taking ibuprofen but I'm allergic so that is off the table)... The majority of folks say the pain subsides within 7-10 days (but some say it takes over a month). Here's to praying the pain subsides sooner rather than later!

Have you ever had a bad blood drive experience?


Smash Runner said...

gah!! sorry lady...that doesnt sound like a very pleasant experience. :( i hope it heals fast!

Unknown said...

Hello!!! I follow you in instagram and you are a inspiration for all! I LOVE your bracelets with phrases!! Where I can find them??? Thanks!