Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Junk Miles

Man, I don't know what is going on, but my runs lately have been pretty crummy... I'd say that since my Fontana Days Run Half I haven't really been able to get my legs going. Don't get me wrong, I have still enjoyed my runs (any day that we are given the ability to lace up our running shoes and pound the pavement {or treadmill} is a day we should be forever grateful for), but lately they have felt a bit rougher than normal.

Maybe it's my nutrition or the weather or my body just asking for a bit more of a break. Whatever the reason, yesterday I actually stopped mid-run for a moment, shuck my head and said (to myself) "I've had quite a few junk miles lately."

Junk miles?! Now I know right off the bat people will say "THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS JUNK MILES. A MILE IS A MILE NO MATTER WHAT!" and they are totally right! I am not necessarily meaning the miles are trash, but just that they seem fairly monotonous. Since Fontana I haven't really done any speed work and my long run was only 10 miles. The miles this past week or so have just been ones to put in my mileage bank account, nothing more, nothing less.

A little blurb from on the phrase 'junk miles'

And while I'm keeping it real, these miles have felt harder than they "should" at the pace I have been running. (I haven't been posting many Garmin shots these past few days on my IG account because I have been frustrated with the pace my legs have been taking me. Yesterday I even went out for a progression run and when mile 4 was slower than my first mile I decided to throw that workout in the wind and just finish the mileage.)

Since I have yet to put a goal full marathon on my calendar (and the halves and other races currently on the schedule aren't "goal" races), maybe I will take a little break. Ah, let's be real, I probably won't stop running, but maybe I need to keep my Garmin in the drawer and try something new - whether that is running with friends, hitting the trails, switching up my routes, etc.

I didn't start running because I wanted to hit a certain time or run a specific distance... I need to get back to the joy of running to run. (I don't think I've necessarily lost that lovin' feelin', but when I finish a run and am bummed with the results I know it's time to do something different!) I want to get back to the days when I would finish a run and have a giant smile on my face - no matter what pace I run! No more junk miles... only HAPPY miles from here on out!


How do you make sure your miles are happy ones?


Unknown said...

I was forced to take a break after my marathon in January. When I got cleared in March I just ran. No goals, just moving forward. I JUST started training again the beginning of June. Just listen to your body. It has to be telling you something. Enjoy the journey, your legs will come back

Chelsea @ Chelsea Be Healthy said...

I think this is an amazing post! We all go through running slumps and have good days and bad days! But at the end of the day, we're all awesome for keepin' on keepin' on! ;-) you've got this !!

Duchess said...

I think that, in general, we've become almost unhealthily "goal oriented" as a society...we rarely do anything simply for the joy of doing always seems to be a means to an the pursuit of *something*...I think maybe, out of habit, when we don't have a specific goal or purpose, we misinterpret the freedom as being aimless and feel like we're faltering...

I'm not saying that I know *how* to recapture the joy of running just to run...but I think that's sort of the ticket. Over the last year I switched my script...I stopped focusing on trying to be a stronger, faster runner...and instead started focusing on just being a runner...and on running with my matter the speed or distance. Best decision I ever made.

Love ya, kid (in that weird, "I know you through social media but feel like I know you in real life" kind of way)! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Take a break! I think the (slightly too long) break I took after OC was the smartest thing I did. I knew I was over it for a little but and wanted to hit the point where I looked FORWARD to my run, not dread it or feel "meh" about it.

Starting over now as part of the #RWRunStreak has made it hard, but it feels good to get up and going again. Also not satisfied with pace, but I like just getting out the door - even if it is only one mile at this point.


Unknown said...

I get these everytime I slack off my nutrition. We sometimes take it for granted how much preperation is involved for our runs but they are always worth it when we stick to our routine!

Unknown said...

I get these everytime I slack off my nutrition. We sometimes take it for granted how much preperation is involved for our runs but they are always worth it when we stick to our routine!