Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

As you are reading this I am probably aboard my Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle (that is if you are reading this between the hours of 8 and 11am PST on Friday... if you aren't, then who the heck knows where I am or what I am doing but it probably involves running somehow). What I do know is today (the day I hit PUBLISH) is Friday and that means it's time for another round of my favorite things... So let's jump right on in!

JUST Water

A couple weeks ago the folks at JUST Water contacted me. They told me that they felt their ideals aligned with mine and wanted to send me over a case or two of their new product. JUST is a group of like-minded individuals who came together to drive social and environmental impact through a better kind of business; a business that rethinks how they source, deliver and consume every day products, a business that combines for-profit energy with non-profit motives and a business with the goal to offer every day products with impact and affordability. Sounds right up my alley! 


Now normally I'm not one for bottled water (I mean, remember my last Friday Favorites post where I talked about the issue I have with hoarding reusable bottles?!), but with some camping and hiking trips on the calendar I thought it would be great to have on hand. The bottle is actually made of 53% paper and is designed with more renewable materials over fossil fuels as to lower the carbon footprint while protecting the water inside. Seeing as JUST is constantly striving to improve their model for greater social and environmental impact, the next step is to replace the shoulder and cap on the bottle with one made from plant-based PE derived from sugarcane! This is projected to be available mid-2016.


Not to mention, the water tastes GREAT! It is 100% spring water from the Glens Falls watershed at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in New York where water is bountiful. And, I've gotta say, I LOVE that JUST encourages responsible water consumption, starting with the use of reusable drinking water carriers. They encourage filtered tap water to play a role in the lives of their customers because it’s JUST right (pun-y, get it?!), but if you need bottled water on-the-go then they ask you to please consider the JUST water bottle vs. the traditional plastic package.

Sparkle Athletic's Pinterest

Okay, like you know, I've always gotta #KeepItReal, so let me spill the beans. I'm sure you already know that I LOVE Sparkle Athletic and I LOVE Pinterest, so it's a no-brainer to LOVE Sparkle Athletic's Pinterestright?! Of course, but I also may have an ulterior motive for posting this one (at least I'm upfront and honest about it though, right?!).


You see, a few weeks back I was approached by the lovely ladies at Sparkle Athletic to begin helping them with their Pinterest account. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity as soon as it was presented. Anywho, little by little I've been updating their Pinterest account and TODAY launches a Pinterest Challenge that I have been helping out on.

Head over to Sparkle Athletic's Facebook Page to find the entry form!

It'd be AWESOME if you checked it out (and, shoot, the winner gets a $100 gift card to the website, not too shabby if I do say so myself)! Even if you don't enter, I'd love it if you followed the account. We've got everything from running costume ideas and training plans to sweets to sweat for and running playlists, so I promise it'll be worth your while!


A couple weeks ago, Ryan and I decided to change our stance on eggs. We are both vegetarians but do eat dairy and eggs (but no beef, chicken, fish, etc). Now, currently we aren't "that" strict about it - meaning we won't turn down food that has eggs in it (i.e. cake, pretzels, ice cream, etc) - but we've decided to no longer bring whole eggs into our home. With that said, we have been trying out some egg alternatives and found a great one - VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart.


Obviously a powdered egg substitute is not going to be a 100% match to the 'real deal' (especially if you are planning on eating them on their own), but the hubby and I both gave them two thumbs up on taste and consistence (although, FYI, they do take longer to cook than "normal" eggs, so be prepared for a few minutes longer at the oven). We have used them in baking as well as in a breakfast scramble type meal and have been very pleased. This brand is sold at a couple of our local health food stores, but you can also order them on Amazon if that isn't an option.

What items do you have on your Friday Favorites list right now?

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