Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, EVERYONE SHARES THEIR FAVORITES ON FRIDAY! Oh, wait, that's not how that song goes?! Oops! But now I bet you've got that song stuck in your head, don't ya?! Anywho, I've got some new faves to share with you (and hopefully you have a couple to tell me about too because I <3 trying new things), so let's jump right on into it!


Obviously this one comes as NO surprise... I mean, have you looked at my Instagram?! It seems like every other shot is of my wrist with a Garmin (or two) on! For as long as I have been running, I have been rocking Garmin (okay, maybe that's not 100% true... but as soon as I knew that running was going to 'stick' it was my very first SERIOUS running purchase). So when I was asked a few months back to be a part of an upcoming campaign I was FLOORED! Sure I have been an ambassador with them for a while, but THIS was the BIG LEAGUES! After all the details were set, I went to Long Beach and spent an afternoon with the team (Katrina, Julie and Jake are AMAZEBALLS). Until now I had to keep it hush-hush, but my first clip was released this week so now it's fair game! PS I was asked to write a motivational speech to the "pre-running Carlee". Maybe the words I wrote will strike a chord with you and help you #BeatYesterday!

Fuller House

I know this series has been out for a few months now (and it has already been renewed for a second season), but I haven't mentioned it before and since I'm going to a live taping tonight I thought it was the PERFECT time to throw it on my list! Not only is a friend on the show, but it hits you right in the nostalgic heartstrings! I love that they ham it up and play to the corniness at times, but at the end of the day focus on what's important: friends, family and those around you!

ALEX Bottle

If you're like me, you have a cupboard overflowing with reusable bottles. Don't get me wrong, reusable bottles are AMAZING, but although I have long since moved away from disposable plastic water bottles, I've started hoarding reusable bottles (most of which I am less than stoked on). With that being said, I think I have found my new go-to bottle and hopefully won't be acquiring new bottles anytime soon. My new found love is the ALEX Bottle (which stands for 'Always Live Extraordinarily'). I LOVE that the bottle twists apart in the middle. It not only allows you to clean the bottle easier, but there seems to be so many uses outside of your standard reusable bottle [you can use the bottom half as a cup or bowl and the whole thing as a cocktail shaker] AND it compacts inside of itself for traveling and storage! Thanks to Kickstarter (and the awesome backers) this bottle that was once an idea is now a reality for you and me!

So now that you've heard what I'm digging lately, I'd love to hear your new jams... Leave them in the comments so I can give them a go too! And, by the way, what are your thoughts on the three I shared? Are they your jam too?

How many reusable bottles do you own?


Laura @ Mommy Run Fast said...

Congrats on the Garmin gig- that is amazing!! And that Alex bottle is such a cool concept. I'll have to check it out. Have a great weekend!

Bianca @ Mitten Runner said...

I absolutely love your Garmin ad! Awesome company and awesome lady :). Also, I don't have netflix and feel like I'm missing out soooo much on Fuller House. It's sad. I need to get Netflix so I can do a Fuller House marathon while on my bike trainer lol ;).

Scarabocchio Girl said...

I'm totally in love with Alex Bottle but I can't buy it! :( Shipping cost to Italy is $44!! Seriously?? So I can't spend $77 on that, it's crazy! :( And sad too. I wish I can know somebody in the US, to buy it for me and send it by regular mail and not priority...such a pity!