Thursday, March 10, 2016


#TrailThursday... It's totally a thing, right?! Well, if it's not it should be because it's FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!

But I'm getting ahead of myself... Let's go back to the beginning of the story.

Tuesday I received a text from a friend (one of the awesome ladies I will be running #Ragnar4Rett with). She asked me what I was doing on Wednesday and if I'd want to join her at Knott's Berry Farm. The only thing I "had" to do was run ;)

Seeing as I am between jobs, love roller coasters and had never been to Knott's before I totally signed up! She wanted another roller coaster riding adult to join her while she took one of her daughters and a friend to the park and I was honored to have been a part of the day's shenanigans.

We had a blast and rode #AllTheRollerCoasters, even riding Silver Bullet THREE times, the last time in the FRONT ROW! Funnel cake with boysenberry sauce and ice cream was consumed and many a laughs were shared. #MemoriesMade

Well, since we didn't want to fun to end, she invited me to stay the night at her house so that we could run some trails together on Thursday morning. Although I would LOVE to run trails with her every Thursday, I live about an hour south so it doesn't happen as frequently as I'd like (meaning this was the first time EVER), but since I was already in the area it worked out perfectly! #NoExcuses

As the kids got ready for school, we got ready to hit the dirt and hills. The temps were already on the warmer side for it only being 7:30am, but thankfully we packed plenty of water and made our way over to the Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

How crazy is it that these trails are like in her backyard (okay, maybe not literally in her back yard, but it would take me a much, much, much longer drive to find some beauties like this)?! #BeyondBless INDEED!

Since I obviously didn't know my way around I played follower for most of the morning (not to mention trails aren't my comfort zone so I am a bit slower when I am trying to watch my footing and not die). We did a decent amount of climbing (over 1,000 feet of UPNESS on our 6 mile run), but thankfully it seemed like the majority of it came in the first half.

All-in-all we ended up doing a trail 10K, stopped for a few photos (and to catch our breath) and had a great time together enjoying friendship and nature! If I lived closer this would TOTALLY be a normal occurrence!

As much as I love road running and pounding the pavement, there is something so freeing and beautiful when you are out scrambling up rocks and sliding around in loose gravel. And, while I'm thinking of it, I should probably consider investing in a decent pair of trail shoes... I don't think I will ever truly be able to get in-tune with my mountain goat spirit animal with shoes that have no tread or grip ;)

So, not only was today #TrailThursday, I am also claiming it as #ThankfulThursday because I am uber thankful for my running friends (especially ones that will push me out of my comfort zone and drag me out to the dirt with them)!

Do you enjoy running trails?


Unknown said...

That sounds like an amazing time! I haven't ridden a roller coaster in a long time and I've never done any trail running! It kind of scares me.

Mallory Ann said...

I am dying to figure out how to add some trails to my training schedule - but I will end up having to drive there as well... might be worth it a few times from your pics!!

xx mal @

Unknown said...

Feel like this post needs a #teamsparkle hashtag :)

Samantha said...

Honestly, I am sooo excited to check out the trails in the area that I moved to in September - and as you're originally from the Midwest you'd know - the trails are finally starting to not be too muddy and it is finally warm enough to enjoy being outside during the runs (between 40's and 60's this who week in Wisconsin) we are getting there.

However, like you, I probably need to invest in a good pair of trail running shoes!