Monday, March 14, 2016

REVIEW: Halo Top Ice Cream

A while back (like literally back in JULY of 2015!) @HaloTopCreamery reached out to me on Instagram. They wanted to offer me the chance to try some of their protein-packed, low in carbs/sugar, less than 300 calories for the whole pint, all-natural ice cream... Um YES PLEASE! I didn't have to think twice, of course I needed to try it! [PS I am just posting this review because I know some folks were interested, there was nothing required of me from this company and nothing was exchanged between myself and Halo Top... Always gotta #KeepItReal!]


Well, fast forward to March of 2016 and I was finally able to find some at a local grocer (I've gotta be honest, I hadn't looked very hard. I'm a creature of habit and normally only go to one or two grocery stores, so when those didn't have it the coupons sat in my purse for MONTHS! Finally, this past week when I was feening for some sweets I went on their site to see where I could find it nearby... Low-and-behold there was a store less than 3.5 miles from our house that stocks it!).


The store down the street had three flavors - Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Mint Chip. [From their website it appears as though they have seven flavors in total, also having - Lemon Cake, Strawberry, Chocolate Mocha Chip and Birthday Cake.] Since I had two coupons, I offered the hubby one of the free pints. We both ended up with Mint Chip!

And although I was yearning for ice cream that night, I decided to restrain myself (I try to keep my sweets to a minimum, so weekends can be more of a "splurge"). So, when Saturday afternoon came around and I was enjoying my rest day with the puppy and Runner's World on the porch, I thought it was the PERFECT time to bust into my pint!

What can I say?! I take my rest days VERY seriously ;)

I noticed that the package suggests you let the ice cream sit out to thaw for a couple minutes - which is because it lacks artificial softeners, meaning it freezes a bit harder than some of its competitors. Okay, I guess I could wait a few extra minutes, seeing as I've technically been waiting 8 months... <insert twiddling thumbs emoji>

I wasn't really sure what to expect. I guess I was figuring it would be pretty craptastic... I mean, "healthy" ice cream... it can't be good for you AND taste scrub-didily-umptious too, right?! OH BOY WAS I WRONG! This stuff is DELISH! I even made the hubby stop what he was doing (playing hockey on Xbox, which is apparently very serious business, so asking him to take a time out is a BIG deal) to give it a try!

I added a couple extra chocolate chips 

This stuff is creamy and full of flavor! It doesn't have a gross after taste or have some weird consistency! It tastes like legit ice cream and is actually "good" for you! (A friend sent me a link to an article she had read a few days before I posted that I had found the sweet stuff. The writer went on a Halo Top Diet! He ate 5 pints of the ice cream for 10 days in a row [picture a Super Size Me type experiment]. The results were rather surprising!)

Although I was kind enough to share with the hubby, the pup
is out of luck... This is ALL MINE!

The hubby and I both give this TWO BIG THUMBS UP! I even asked him if he would be willing to substitute a pint of Ben & Jerry's [which we rarely ever get, so when we do it is a MAJOR treat] for Halo Top and he said "WITHOUT A DOUBT!".

How Halo Top compares to other competitors on the market

Now that I know how fan-freakin'-tastic this stuff is, I am DEFINITELY going to try and be on the look out for it more often (or make the effort to drive to "the other" store)! And I sure hope we come across the Birthday Cake flavor soon, because BIRTHDAY CAKE!


Have you tried Halo Top?


Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

I looooove Halo! The Vanilla and Lemon are my favorite - which is weird because normally I'm solidly a chocolate fan. I can't find the Birthday Cake flavor anywhere, but I imagine I'd love it.

Cat Lighthouse said...

I love love love it. Just one BIG problem. Those of us who need to eat healthier are on a fixed income. I barely can afford it. The only time I can buy it is the week I get my SNAP benefits. It's WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Why is it that anything healthy and better for you is double the amount of it's less healthy counterparts? Two servings and it's gone. At over $6.00 a pint. Not fair

Anonymous said...

Totally with you on the price. way too expensive, but shamefully worth every dime haha. The only issues i have with it are there is not enough cookie dough in the cookie dough flavor and not enough peanut butter in the peanut butter cup!