Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leaving a Legacy

Sometimes there are posts that I write which are aimed at the general public (whether it be about training plans that work for me and may work for you or packing tips that I've found helpful), but there are other posts that are sometimes just me working through a topic "out loud". If I had to guess, I think this post is going to be one of the latter types.

I was thinking the other day about what type of legacy I want to leave behind.


I always say that I want to be a person who makes a difference, someone who brings a little light to those around me, a person who loves deeply, someone who is willing to lay down their pride and serve others, a person who puts others needs and desires ahead of their own, someone who does what's right, even if it's not convenient, a person willing to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves, etc.



It's easy to donate to a cause around the holidays or offer to help a friend move when it's convenient for you, but what do I do when it isn't easy or convenient to show those around me love? What do I do daily to build an attitude and habit of gratitude and service into my life? If I can't think of consistent examples, maybe that is just the type of person I hope to be, but not necessarily the person I am (at least not currently).

It's sort of like fitness - it's totally what you put in is what you get out. If you're not willing to put in the work, you won't be able to reap the rewards. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort required, you might just be able to exceed your wildest expectations... You can't work out once and expect to be fit... Just like you can't do one or two nice gestures a year and expect to be a generous person.


Like I said at the get-go of this post... I was not expecting to come to an earth shattering conclusion or solve the world's problems... Just trying to work through a couple thoughts that have been rattling around inside of my noggin for a few days now. And, shoot, maybe this is something we ALL should be thinking a little more about...

What type of legacy are you hoping to leave? And are you doing things frequently enough to make sure that others see that lifestyle or those traits in you?


Unknown said...

With my blog, I just wanted to share my story, and I hoped to inspire others just by showing and telling. With my job, I hope to help others directly as well as inspire.
Ultimately, if I can connect to just one other person in a way that helps them to see that they, too, can live their lives beyond expectation, then I have succeeded.

SD Mom said...

I want people to smile when they think of me...not grimace. That is good enough!

Sally @ Sweat Out the Small Stuff said...

I am always looking to make people laugh. Even when tough times come around. I've been through some serious tragic stuff in my life and I'm proof that you can survive and thrive even after life hands you some serious loss. If people remember me as the one who always had the right words to say that would be just perfect.