Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

It might just be me, but this week flew by... I can't believe it's already time for another edition of my Friday Favorites! I know you've all been waiting on pins and needles for the new (at least new-to-me) things I've been diggin' lately, so without further ado...

Dona Jo Fitwear


I was contacted by Dona Jo Fitwear a couple weeks ago to try out one of their skirts. Normally I wear Sparkle Athletic skirts (which don't have attached bottoms, so you are able to provide what works best for you), but I am ALWAYS down for testing out new (especially when it is SUPER CUTE) gear!


Now, they have some BANGIN' patterns, which I am never one to shy away from, but when I was allowed to pick my favorite, I was drawn to the Polka Dot collection. Maybe it's because it reminded me of Minnie Mouse or maybe it's because it'd be a PERFECT #WeRunSocial skirt... Whatever the reason, I decided (after MUCH deliberation) on the JoJo White Polka Dot Running Skirt (truth be told, the black polka dot skirt was my TOP pick, but it had sold out - sad panda!).

Anywho, the skirt is GREAT! I love the slight pleats and flowy-ness of it. I was a little worried about it because of the sizing (Sizes 0-8 is a single size and Sizes 10-16 is another size), but once I put it on I knew those worries were silly! I think the mid-rise waist is AMAZING. It helps to keep the skirt from falling down or sliding out of place (not to mention it holds in the mid-section a bit which is always a positive, am I right ladies?!). I didn't have to fidget or readjust the skirt at all (I ran 6 miles in it for my first run). 

I think the only thing I would change to make it PURE PERFECTION would be to add a mini pocket to hold a key or maybe a small band of elastic at the bottom of the undershorts so that they stay in place from the very beginning, but really, once I started running I didn't feel anything moving around and had ZERO complaints. 

In case any of you would like to try out any of the Dona Jo Fitwear for yourself, use "MCDOT20"to save 20% off on any order at


Okay, I know that was sort of vague, but since the hubby and I were both hit with the stomach plague over the last week, we have been watching a lot of movies lately. Most of them have been new-to-us, while some of them were tried-and-true favorites. The hubby LOVES watching movies (while I have a hard time sitting still and paying attention for the full thing), so it is helpful when we see good ones [because, truth be told, he can pick some pretty craptastic ones ;)].

Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I know this one isn't totally new, but Ryan and I have been rockin' out to it in the house the last week or so. Little known fact, I used to have a scooter (and if we had the room in the garage right now I wouldn't think twice about getting a bright pink Vespa). Isn't it sort of funny that Macklemore is able to sing about scooters and make them cool?! I mean, they've always been cool to me, but he can jam about just about anything, right?!

Trail Running

I know I wrote a whole post about my fun #TrailThursday yesterday, so I won't bore you with repeating the details, but I am stoked that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tackled some dirt and trails yesterday (and, I am VERY HAPPY to report that my body does not feel as bruised and battered as I was originally expecting - SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS TRAILS!). Although we don't have as many amazing trails around here as I would like, I think I am going to try to search the hidden gems out and make #TrailThursday a reoccurring theme!

So, what have you been loving lately?!


Diane @runninrocker said...

I just followed your link to the skirt site. Cute skirts! I like the one you chose and also the other black & white one. Also, yay for trail running! I actually get to run a trail race tomorrow morning so I am super excited. As long as the rain stays away we are good to go! Have a great weekend Carlee and Happy Running. P.S. I am always loving your SMILE!

SD Mom said...

Love the polka dots!

Unknown said...

I pretty much LOVE that skirt and it might convince me that I need to start running in skirts too. Love, love, love. And Mackelmore might be one of my favorite artists on this planet. <3

Samantha said...

I have really loved getting back to blogging and reconnecting with the running community that I missed so much. I am digging how my training cycle has been going and that I have been better at keeping in contact with my friends who do not live near me. It has been such a good week for me!