Friday, March 7, 2014

We Go Together 5K

This morning I ran my fastest 5K time yet!

I was participating in the Jost Running We Go Together 5K. As you may remember, I had a GIVEAWAY for a FREE Jost Running Race Entry a few weeks ago. The lovely ladies also offered ME a free entry to one of their races as well - HOW SWEET!


I had Ryan print out my bib at work yesterday for me (you are now able to pull up your own bib when it is convenient for you, rather than having to wait for it to be emailed).

My schedule for this morning's run called for 3 miles, so I figured it would be perfect for the 5K. I grabbed some water, my Garmin, and running shoes and headed down to the beach (I normally run my shorter distances from our house, but it is pretty hilly and I wanted to try to get a great time so I wanted a flat course).

I knew I was going TOO fast when I looked at my watch a half mile in and saw I was around 7:30 pace. I tried slowing down, but didn't want to go too slow. (Yep, as a newbie runner, I am still trying to figure out my speed and pacing myself...)

I ended up hitting mile 1 with a time of 7:45. I continued down The Strand and headed towards the Harbor - such amazing surroundings! Around 1.6 miles I chucked a U'ey and headed back towards my car. I hit mile 2 with a time of 8:07 (slowed down a bit, I KNEW I couldn't keep up a pace of 7:45 the whole time and my tight shins ALSO knew that too). I continued chugging along and finished mile 3 with a time of 7:58. The last tenth of a mile I ran at 6:44 pace.

I finished with my best time for a 5K! My watch showed 24:29 - which blew my mind! I always hear that when you are marathon training you LOSE speed because you are working on adding more miles. I can't believe that I am keeping my speed (but then again, I do have 72 more training days before my first full marathon and PLENTY more miles to add).

I want to give HUGE props to Jost Running for spurring me on to kick the BUTT of this morning's run! I doubt I would have pushed myself as hard as I did without the virtual race! PS At the current moment I am sitting in FIRST PLACE on the leader-board!

With the theme of this morning's race being "We Go Together" it got me thinking of things that I think go together, but most others don't. For example, pickles & ketchup, peanut butter & Miracle Whip, cottage cheese & ketchup, pickles & Spaghetti O's (yes, my brother and I would actually bite the pickles into "spoons" to eat our Spaghetti O's with :)), etc.

What do you think goes together that others might not?

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