Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I LOVE Hills!

This morning's mantra was

I think I repeated it about 50 of the 55 minutes I was out pounding the pavement this morning.

I decided to do today's 5 mile run on hills. I did a 4-miler of hills a couple weeks back and figured I would do this morning's run on the same hill (but instead of 2 miles I would do 3 miles - and then of course the mile of rolling hills to and from "the hill").

I realized that I may never run hills quickly or gracefully, but I will RUN them. I won't cringe when I see them. I won't talk (or think) negatively about them. It may not be pretty, but I CAN DO IT! I am stronger than I think and can do more than I give myself credit. I will take ANY and EVERY opportunity I can to make myself a better person and a stronger runner.

I RUN hills. I CONQUER hills. I EAT hills. One step at a time.

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Unknown said...

I wish we had hills town here TO train on! Way to go girlie!