Friday, March 14, 2014


Obviously, since this is the FIRST FULL MARATHON I am training for, this training schedule will have a lot of FIRSTS.

This morning's run was my furthest yet - 15 miles.

I knew my legs would be tired (since Sunday I have run 28 miles and biked another 19 - YAY for a rest day tomorrow) and that I would probably get some of the warmer weather because I was starting later in the morning (didn't get out until close to 9:30am), so I wanted to try to keep my pace slower. I was shooting for 10 minute miles. I would say that about half of my miles were at 10 minute mile pace and the other half were closer to 9:30 minute mile pace.

Still trying to figure out selfies while running :) 

This morning was the first time I decided to play around with fueling. I had a PowerBar about 45 minutes before heading out the door. I ran with my Nathan Performance Intensity Race Vest on - which was AWESOME! I took a sip or two of water probably every mile or mile and a half. This helped to keep my hydrated, as well as prevented me guzzling too much water at the drinking fountains sporadically placed throughout my run. I also took Clif ShotBloks with me (this time I had the Tropical Punch flavor). I took 3 ShotBloks every 6ish miles - which means I took 3 around mile 6 and then another 3 around mile 12. I didn't necessarily feel a rush of energy or anything like that, but my run felt strong the entire time (and I didn't finish feeling famished, even though I didn't get back to the house until a little after 12 noon). {FYI - This was the first time I tried the ShotBloks. They tasted great, but were a little big for me. I threw the first one in my mouth and realized it was a little too much of a bite for me. The remaining 5 I took throughout the run I bit in half, which worked a lot better for me.}

I am still trying to gauge the loops from my house, so today I actually finished my 15 miles about a mile from the house. I decided I would run a little further and then walk the hill back up to our place. This means my 15 mile run turned into a 15.5 mile run, but I was okay with it (and shoot, my pace that last half mile wasn't too shabby for it being in the 70*s and for having already run 15 miles :) ).

My next long run will be 17 miles next week. The SUPER SWEET part is that MY MOMMY will be in town for it. She is planning on riding my bike along alongside of me while I run! HOW FUN! 


Ximena said...

Let me know when you figure out the running selfies thing, I struggle getting them in while stationary, haha!

Unknown said...

Way to rock your long run! Glad to hear it went well! I run with my camelback and it's great but been thinking of testing out running in one of those vests... I'll have to give it a shot. Also, if ShotBloks are to big for you, try Sports Beans. They're smaller but you can use them the same way on your run (take a few, save the rest for later). I prefer the ones with extra caffeine b/c well.. I'm an addict. Happy Running this weekend!

Leah Jones said...

Wow! 15 miles is LONG! Way to go!