Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Color Run - San Diego 2013

Ryan and I did The Color Run down in San Diego this morning. We have done The Color Run in the past (RECAP from last year) and other color type runs (RECAP from Color Me Rad earlier this year). THEY ARE MY FAVORITE (just like SMILING)! If you are looking for a 'serious' race, then this is NOT for you. There are un-timed (and I would have to guess probably less than 3.1 miles) runs, but they tend to remind me why I got involved in running to begin with - TO ENJOY MYSELF! What I love about them is that it encourages EVERYONE to come out and get active.

Some PRE-race shots (the white won't be white for long :) ):

Wearing a RUGGEDWOODSMAN Original :)

This is Ryan's HAPPY Face

Me and the Runicorn

Wave #1

We only took a couple shots DURING the race (mostly because I didn't want to pull out my phone and get it COVERED in color):

Me with my arms UP! (We were in the first wave, so the course was pretty empty while we were going through.)

Yellow got me IN THE FACE

WE FINISHED!! AND WERE COVERED IN COLOR!! [At the water station, one of the volunteers asked me if he could throw water on me, since I didn't want any to drink, I said "sure", so he covered me - which made the purple, which was the final station, REALLY STICK.] We ended up finishing in a time of 27:05 (but again, I don't think it was a full 5K, but hey, still decent time for a Fun Run).

Then, OF COURSE, we had to participate in the FINISH FESTIVAL, which really just means GET COVERED WITH MORE COLOR!!

We had a BLAST! And might have looked like zombies until we were able to make it to a shower :)

We probably won't do any more color runs this season, but I have to admit, I have a HARD time turning them down... And if you haven't done one yet, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SIGN UP - AND SIGN UP TODAY!!



Emily said...

Aw! I love the Color Run! I did one this Spring and had a blast! I'm glad you guys had fun rocking!!

Meridith said...

Woohoo! The Color Run is always a good time. Love your pics!