Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dating ABCs: C

We actually had a weekend FULL of "C" activities :)

It started on Friday when we were helping out a friend at a COSTUME party. [Her younger sister was having a party that was 'advertised' as a Costume Party, but little did the party-goers know that there was a HUGE HAUNTED HOUSE with 20+ actors placed throughout it. Ryan was the hillbilly, and since I scare easily, I was working the food - but still dressed up as a 'witch' with the rest of the catering crew.]



Kelly as the Countess

Andy as the Count
Witchy Crew

We couldn't really figure out the whole camera thing...

Saturday morning we did our Growth Group COMMUNITY service project - CLEANING the beach.

This morning, after our 6-mile run, we made CINNAMON roll waffles :) [THANK YOU Pinterest - this is a GO-TO sweet treat for us :)]

This afternoon we did our 'official' C date - going to the CARRILLO Ranch Historic Park. We watched the little video in the Visitor Center, learning all about The Cisco Kid :). All of the little rooms and buildings were opened, so we were able to check everything out (I had worked a wedding there before, but wasn't really able to enjoy the grounds). It turned out to be a beautiful day (it had been foggy and soggy since Friday, so seeing the sun for a few hours this afternoon was AMAZING), and I was LUCKY enough to spend it with my DREAMY HUBBY!

Dating through the alphabet - C


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Now on to D [crossing my fingers I can talk Ryan into going to DISNEYLAND :)]!


Jac @ Running in the Bike Lane said...

Oooo!!! Disneyland is my mothership!! Fingers crossed you convince him to go!!!!

delovely details said...

Hi Carlee,

I wanted to let you know I am now a Hot Chocolate run ambassador and will get to do my own Hot Chocolate giveaway now! Woot! Thanks for the advice!


delovely details