Monday, October 14, 2013

Dating ABCs: A

As I mentioned on Friday, Ryan and I decided to start dating through the alphabet. (Don't worry, by this point I DID run it by him, and he was DEFINITELY on board with the idea - he even threw out some ideas for letters like S [GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER - HE SAID SURFING!])

This past week/ weekend was A.

A is for APPLES [Apple picking, apple dumplings, apple pie, giant apples, etc :)]

We were in Escondido for a race Sunday morning [recap coming soon], so decided to just leave from there and head a little further east to Julian.

Now, you have to realize, we have said we have wanted to go apple picking for probably the last SEVEN years... But we are always too late... Normally we get the 'inkling' around mid-to-late October and by that time, apparently, all of the orchards are closed. [I guess in my mind, I am used to going to the orchards when it actually 'feels' like fall weather, so when it is in the 80*s and 90*s in SoCal in September, apple picking is one of the furthest things from my mind.]

Ryan did a little research and found that Calico Ranch still had their U-Pick orchard open. [We actually found out when we got there that it was probably going to be their last day for it - JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!]

We got to the ranch around 11am and it wasn't too busy yet (by the time we left around 12:30pm or so it was hoppin' - tip: GO EARLY). We signed in (agreeing we wouldn't swing from the trees or sue if we fell from the top of a tree), met up as a group to be told where to pick from, and then we were off to find our apples.

Walt 'made the cut' this week for our date - mostly because he was with us for the race earlier that morning (they had a costume contest for the pups, but Walt is too distinguished for tom-foolery shenanigans like that, so he just wore orange to match us) - and thankfully Calico Ranch allows dogs, as long as they are on leashes.

Never very cooperative with pictures...

Yep, we got his butt... Thanks Walt!

Looking very gentlemanly here I must say.

Well, if you know me, you know I had to take TONS of pictures [don't worry, I am not planning on taking this many pictures every week, but since this has been on our list of STDs {stuff to do} for so long I wanted to make sure I documented it].

Ry did the climbing, I did the dog wrangling - TAG TEAM!

A few pear trees in the apple orchard!

LIL CHEF SIZE (what Ryan calls me)

After we got our apple pickin' on, we decided to go walk around Julian a bit (couldn't go in any of the stores since we had Walt with us, but we got the vibe).

On the way out of town we HAD to stop so that Ryan could get some sweet treats (if you know him, you know his vice is definitely sweets). We stopped by Mom's in Wynola, on the way down the mountain, since it is always less crazy than the Pie Shop in "downtown". Ryan switched it up this time and ordered an Apple Dumpling (I was assuming he would go with Apple Crisp Pie with ICE CREAM).

A is for Apple Dumpling (surprisingly it was not for A LA MODE...)

While Walt and I waited for Ry to get his dessert, I took a couple pictures of the bees buzzing around the pretty flowers.

All-in-All I think A was a success! 

Here's to B!

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