Sunday, September 18, 2011


This may seem like it is coming out of left field, and it sort of did. Maybe two weeks ago wile I was driving home "lightning struck my brain"...

(see minute marker 1:18)

Ryan has wanted a motorcycle for a while. I told him if he made money outside of his normal salary that he could use that for a motorcycle. He has been doing freelance through my boss, as well as doing a little outside work with friends (helping out at a wedding, possibly painting, etc).

Anyway, my epiphany...

I thought that we could take his Element to CarMax and see what we could get for it. I thought if we could get enough for it he could use the money he gets to get a truck and a motorcycle. Since he isn't commuting like he used to be (he was driving about 75 miles each way every day), he doesn't need a new car or anything like that - just a surf-mobile. Ryan liked my idea, so we took the Element over there last Sunday (the day before Labor Day). The process was quick and easy. They offered us a LOT more than what we thought they would. We figured we would think about it for a few days, since we had 7 days to take them up on their offer.

On Wednesday, the day before we left for Michigan, we took the Element back in and got the money they were offering us for it. Ryan has been looking for a truck - a Ford Ranger (USA Made ONLY for me). He was using my Focus while I was in Omaha for training, and went down to San Diego yesterday with a friend to check out a truck he really liked. He ended up buying it and driving it home yesterday.

We have been cleaning it out the last two days and it is getting primo :) Ryan just got back from the car wash. It is a 2000 Ford Focus. Has about 90,000 miles on it. Automatic. 4 cylinder. Green in color (hence the name Verde). We haven't taken too many pictures (since it was grimy and not beautified yet), but here are a few.

We will be sure to post more once Ry puts his stickers on it and makes it his own.

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