Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Accessories - LR

We are moving offices at work, so my boss has been cleaning house. Ryan and I have been BEYOND BLESSED with all of the things that they have given us. Some of the items included: desk, desk chair, rolling cart, plants, cooler, some food items, 2 leather chairs, and a COMPUTER (okay, the computer was a birthday/ Christmas gift, not just a 'we are moving, would you please take it' gift, but STILL!). With all of the new items we have been having to reorganize the house a little. Last night I took a few pictures with the webcam on this computer so that at least you could get an idea of where we are going with the living room (and the new chairs).


We will take pictures with an ACTUAL camera soon, I just figured I would get something posted before I forgot about it.

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