Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Accessories - DR

Do you remember the post I had about a month ago? The one about me winning some AWESOME vinyls through a contest with Beardowear and beepart? If you don't - check it out here.

Anyway, the vinyls came earlier this week. Ry and I decided to put them up last night. Obviously with SO MANY awesome vinyls it was hard to choose. We finially narrowed it down to something for our dining room wall (since it was pretty.... uh.... LAME). Ry and I both like the tattoo-ey look, and there was a banner with swallows on the ends that we loved. Since we were putting it in our dining room we decided we would try to have something about 'yummy' or food or something in the banner. We finally picked "Life's Sweet".

Just like the post from the New Accessories - Living Room Edition, these pictures were taken on my webcam. Please bear with us while we take some better pictures on our good camera, but at least you get a few "process" shots of hanging the vinyl.


[the before]

[Ryan smoothing it down]

[the after]

[close-up/ straight on]

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