Sunday, September 25, 2011

Squirt Bottle

Like I mentioned a few posts ago, we got a bit of stuff from my office (since we are moving to an awesome location this week). We got 2 plants that we put out on the porch on Friday. The issue we have been running into with our plants is that Chubs (our humming bird... well, I don't want him, and don't want him to be 'ours' but it seems as though he adopted us, NOT the other way around) sits on our plants. He hides in them so that when other hummers come by he can swoop and scare them away. The closer he is, the better chances he has to scare away from other birds (meaning the plants under the feeder are a great hide-out). He has already killed one of our plants (due to him POOPING all over them). Well, he hasn't been in the new plants until today. I saw him sitting in the plant this morning and I HAD IT. I emptied one of our Windex bottles (don't worry, I cleaned it out, I am not THAT mean) and decided I would spray him with water, through the screen, and scare him off the plant. Well, I think I squirted him two times and haven't seen him since :) I mean I have seen him around our place (in the palm tree by our bedroom window), but not on our plant. We are keeping the Windex bottle on the sill, so maybe he sees it and it is scaring him away, hehe. And then we had a family (well, they all looked cute and small, and a little yellow-ish in color) all feeding after I scared Chubs away (I think there were 5 or 6 of them all eating at the same time). Hopefully I will get some pictures of the congregation of hummers soon :)

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