Sunday, September 18, 2011

Under The Lights

Saturday was my birthday AND the first Michigan NIGHT game. We headed to Ann Arbor a little early because Ryan wanted to walk around campus a little (we haven't really walked around since we graduated 5 years ago, so it was cool to see everything). We tail gated for a while and then headed over to the stadium. My parents came up to tail gate (and drive our butts around) and then we used the McClurgs season tickets with them to go to the game (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US :)). The game started off BAD. I think we had 3 first downs during the first half and probably 4 interceptions. We were down by a bit and our morale was pretty low. But the fans kept up the cheer and the team came back to win TWICE (I know, I know, you can't win twice, but with 74 seconds left we scored a game winning touchdown, then Notre Dame scored another touchdown, then with 2 seconds left we scored the second game winning touchdown). It was INSANE! One of the best college football games I can remember going to (the overtime win against MSU was a top one too). AN INSTANT CLASSIC :) There are a lot of regulations on what you can bring into the stadium, so we could only take in the little point-and-shoot camera, but we still got a few pictures. PS If you haven't watched the game or at least the highlights I would STRONGLY suggest at least watching the second half!

[the diag]

[fountain in front of where they were doing game day]

[padots tail gating on the roof of one of the parking lots, the stadium in the background]

[under the lights - first night game]

[ry and i in the awesome seats]

[the field behind us]

[shut up - 2 SECONDS left?!]

[we were SOOOOOOOOOO stoked - and partied long after the team had left the field]

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.

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