Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So yet again, Ryan and I missed apple season in Julia. Apparently it is September through the first week of October. All of the apple orchards were already closed when we went out there yesterday. On the way to Julian we saw a big pumpkin patch that we said we would stop on the way back home. We were going to pick up pumpkins, but unfortunately they only took cash (and Ryan spent all of our cash on pie and apple cider), so we just got to enjoy the animals for free :)

The goats were eating pumpkins -

Goat -

'Look at me' (He was trying to climb out of his cage) -

Ryan seems to like donkeys lately -

A donkey and a zebra (they were friends) -

Zebra -

Look at my big horns -

Piggy trying to escape -

Ryan poked him in the nose -

Oink, oink -

Kissing the cattle -

They were open -

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