Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We live about a mile and a half from where we used to live. The bank and post office were about a block away from our old apartment. It seems as though those are still the closest ones to us, which means I have been getting used to walking to them.

Today was the first time I had to walk to them since being back from Haiti. It was so weird to leave our complex and not have 1-6 Haitian street kids holding my hands. I mean, I was thankful to realize that we live in such a place where 'street kids' aren't as prevalent, but at the same time I was sad. I was sad that we live in a culture that says love (and God) is not enough. As soon as you walked out of the gates at the Mission you would have up to 6 kids wanting to hold your hands, arms, and just be with you. They were content just being with you. They were happy to walk 10 miles with you. They didn't care that we spoke very little of the same language (I don't even know if you could call what we were speaking Creole :) ).

Adam said something very powerful that I remembered when I was on the way back from the post office. He said that he wished his relationship with God could be like the relationship the kids had with us. He wants to be content just being with God, being in His presence.

I want to live in a place where LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.

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Anonymous said...

what an incredible thought! i'm so proud of you <3