Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grocery Win

Today I had the car (because I had to go to the doctors) so I decided to get groceries. I had a few coupons (since the last round of Ralph's Rewards were mailed out a few weeks ago) and there were a lot of great deals. As I was walking through the store I kept thinking that everything seemed a lot cheaper than it normally was. I got up to the check-out line and got everything on the belt. After the cashier rang up all my groceries, I handed her the coupons that I had. The cashier turned into my little cheerleader. She was so proud of all of the money I was saving. She ran my Ralph's card and more money came off, she slide the coupons and more money came off. By the time the total was up she was telling me how proud and excited she was of me and how I had done such a good job. It was so funny because I don't think I have ever been cheered for in line at the grocery store before. The receipt came out and she got a HUGE smile on her face. She told me that I had saved $107.36! She started telling other people in line about it too. It put a smile on my face (which was nice because I was not having a good day up to that point).


Anonymous said...

that is so cool! i love when they get excited for you. you should have bought her a bouquet of flowers.
i've done that before...just grab a bunch have that cashier ring them up and then just tell her to keep them....it's a hoot!!!!!

cpm said...

GREAT IDEA! The only problem is that our Ralph's doesn't have flowers... I guess I could have bought her a candy bar :)