Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prop 8 Overturned

As they have been saying on the news for the day - 'The battle has been won, but the war is far from over'

Prop. 8 Overturned; Judge Rules Gay Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional

SAN DIEGO - Marriage equality supporters in San Diego praised a federal judge's decision Wednesday to strike down Proposition 8, the state's voter- approved ban on same-sex marriage.

"I am overjoyed that the U.S. District Court overturned Proposition 8," San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria said. "I know our fight to secure this right is not over, but I am confident this civil right will be confirmed and marriage equality will be realized."

The ruling is expected to be appealed to the 9th U.S. District Court of Appeals and eventually the U.S. Supreme Court.

San Francisco-based U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker presided over the non-jury trial of a lawsuit alleging the voter-approved 2008 measure violates the equal protection rights of gay and lesbian couples by preventing them from marrying.

In a 136-page ruling, Walker wrote that the proposition "both unconstitutionally burdens the exercise of the fundamental right to marry and creates an irrational classification on the basis of sexual orientation."

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