Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Worst Weather Cities

America's Worst Winter Weather Cities

An Unsurprising Group

A discussion of bad weather would be incomplete without mention of the Midwest. Our data demonstrates why: Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus and Detroit all made the full list.

1. Cleveland
Average Annual Temperature: 49.6°F
Average Precipitation: 38.7 inches
Average Snowfall: 58.9 inches

2. Boston
Average Annual Temperature: 51.6°F
Average Precipitation: 42.5 inches
Average Snowfall: 43.2 inches

3. New York City
Average Annual Temperature: 54.6°F
Average Precipitation: 49.7 inches
Average Snowfall: 28.9 inches

4. Milwaukee
Average Annual Temperature: 47.5°F
Average Precipitation: 34.8 inches
Average Snowfall: 47.5 inches

5. Chicago
Average Annual Temperature: 49.1°F
Average Precipitation: 36.2 inches
Average Snowfall: 38.2 inches

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