Monday, February 15, 2010

Update your Bedroom

10 Ways to Update Your Bedroom...for Less Than $10

In my book, January is synonymous with a clean slate, and what better place to freshen up than in your bedroom? If you've resolved to sleep better (or more!) this year, these small changes will help you achieve those Zzz's you've been longing for --- and on a budget no less!:

1. Scent it
One of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your bedroom is with a new scent. Try mixing homemade lavender water for a pre-bedtime spritzer on your linens. Or, place a wickless candle on your nightstand for a peaceful scent as you doze off.
Total cost: $5-$10

2. Rearrange
Take inventory of items around your house. Do you have a side table in your living room that could make a great nightstand? Is there a chandelier in your dining room that could brighten up the bedroom? Rearrange furniture in your home to breathe new life into your bedroom. You'd be surprised at the difference you'll be able to make.
Total cost: $0

3. Paint it
It should come as no surprise that painting is at the top of our quick-fix list. A cheap, quick and easy way to completely overhaul a bedroom, we're big fans. Try a more soothing color such as an ice blue or sage green to promote relaxation.
Total cost: $10

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