Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strange Tours

I always think it is interesting to do things off the beaten-path. These all sound FUN to me (well, the ghost tour may be a little scary, but all good ideas :) ).

Tours That Make You Scratch Your Head

Hunt or Be Hunted?
Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada
For over ten years, Great Bear Nature Tours has been taking tourists into the wilderness in search of Grizzlies. For two to seven nights, you can go into the wild with a biologist as a guide, searching for bears on foot through the woods, high above from perches, and even from boats along the river. Binoculars and rain gear is provided, and there is an option to fly to the lodge aboard a seaplane. Also included in the tour is a private room at the Great Bear Lodge, along with gourmet meals and complimentary wine and beer.
The Sights: Remote wilderness, breathtaking scenery of the Great Bear Rainforest, other wildlife
The Price: Varies

More of the tours here.

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Anonymous said...

Tour de Sewers....maybe there are ghost down there?