Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swimming with Dolphins

We went and swam with dolphins in Waikiki. It was part of our Christmas gifts for the family. We all couldn't go together, so Ryan and I went together and then Aaron, Eric, Matthew, Charlene and Jamie went together. They didn't allow us to take our camera with us (which was LAME). Okay, so we didn't buy any of the pictures yet, but at least you can check them out online. :) The proofs are below (but of course have the PROOF word over them)

Go to
Select 'Photos' from the Photos & Gifts menu in the upper right hand corner
Change the location to OAHU
Change the date to 2/24/10
Change the time to 8:45 DUO

(The McClurgs and Leighs did the 9:00 FAMILY program if you want to check out their pics too)

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luv em!!!!!