Friday, February 19, 2010

Cake Balls

Mom wants to make some cake balls when she comes out in a month to visit!!

Cake Balls on a Roll in Texas

Cake balls, best described as ooey-gooey cupcakes with two tops, have become a certifiable trend in Texas and South Louisiana.

"We've definitely created kind of a craze," admits Robin Ankeny, the baker behind the Cake Ball Company in Dallas, where the local paper recently ran a story on how to make Valentine's versions of the wildly popular treats.

Cake balls, also sometimes referred to as cake pops or cake truffles, are "a blend of cake and icing," Ankeny explains. "They're hard on the outside, but moist, decadent and rich on the inside."

Cake balls are so simple to make that the Dallas Morning News suggests using them for kid's cooking projects. The basic recipe calls for a whole cake, which is then crumbled up, mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and dipped in confectionery coating.

More of the article here.

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