Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Win a Vespa

I posted this a couple weeks ago, but the contest ends today, so if you haven't registered yet DO IT NOW!!

Wow! Metromint doesn't just taste fresh, it feels fresh. Take one sip and experience the unique cooling sensation you can only get with the real mint in Metromint.

The minty coolness of Metromint is the perfect complement to the retro coolness of a Vespa. So this summer, Metromint is giving away one Vespa LX 150 to a lucky winner and one free case of Metromint to 50 second place winners.

Enter for your chance to win and feel the fresh air in your face and the minty coolness on your breath.

Click here for the entry form!! And if you win and don't want it, don't worry, I will take it off your hands for you :)

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